Friday, December 14, 2007

Princess Teagan, Home for Christmas

I am busy cleaning this house for the big party tomorrow night but had to pop in to tell you all, with a very happy heart and eyes spilling over with tears of joy, that Teagan Grace is right now, this very moment, on her way home to Huntley with her parents after 197 days of surgeries, chemotherapy, complications, recovery and therapy (so much has happened to Teagan and her family that that short list seems completely inadequate, but it is the best summary I can provide.)

I know that many of you joined me in praying for Teagan and her family since I told you about her in July. And many of you bid in the Blanket Auction, too, and we were able to send a very nice check to the family to help pay for the extensive care Teagan's received (and will continue to receive) to treat her.

I wanted to just say here what a miracle of faith I think Teagan's story reflects, and how grateful I am, how deeply, sincerely, humbly grateful I am that our amazing God has brought Teagan so far, from near death to a beautiful, smiling, talking, nearly walking toddler, about to spend this Holy season at home, where she belongs, with her parents and am sure a SLEW of family and friends, overjoyed to have her there.

If you are a praying person, please take a moment to utter a breath of thanksgiving to Our Heavenly Father, for His mercy, His love, his all and everythingness.

I, for one, am singing for joy today and plan to be for many, many days to come.

Welcome home, Teagan!

And the Merriest of Christmases to you and your loved ones.


  1. What a wonderful present for that sweet family!

    Thanks for the update.


  2. That is wonderful news! I imagine that is the best Christmas present they could ask for! ♥

  3. Wow - that is wonderful! All of the things we often stress ourselves about during the holidays pale in comparison to what that family has dealt with. Praise God!

  4. With a beautiful story like that I'm sure there is nothing else their family could want for Christmas. This is wonderful news and so great to hear!

  5. Oh Megan...this post just filled my heart as well as my eyes (wiht tears of joy). Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

  6. Oh Megan! What a wonderful Christmas gift! For you and those of us you have chosen to hear about it.

    Merry Christmas Honey!!!!!!!!!

  7. typing one handed

    glory!!! glory to God!

    I will keep Teagan in my prayers!!