Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Never Said I was Frank Lloyd Wright

Some of y'all demanded asked to see a picture of the gingerbread house I've been working on for the past four years whoops-I-mean days, and, not one to disappoint a friend, I'm obligingly obliging.

You have to remember as you look at this that it's completely from scratch, and that although I have participated in the making of gingerbread homes for many a year, my level of participation has always been somewhere between interested on-looker and superficial candy-sticker. Such are the privileges of being the "baby" of the family.

Structurally, this bad boy is just about right-on-the-money, which, can I please tell you, is a miracle of loaves-and-fishes proportions because after I'd cut out two sides, eight shutters, a wreath and four window sashes, I had about a teaspoon of dough left to make the front, back and both halves of the roof. And when I finally and very astoundedly rolled out those final pieces, I could literally see directly through them to the speckledies of my granite countertop. These things were like stained glass. Yet I got them all rolled out of a blob of dough no bigger than the tip of my perky little nose and out of the oven and put together with no breakage! You have no idea how good it felt to exhale after 24 hours of constant breath-holding.

I don't have the steadiest hands in the world, particularly after secreting down a pound-and-a-half of assorted gummy, gooey, crunchy, minty and fruity candies (stomach churn stomach churn), so the perfect vision I had in my head prior to beginning the decorating process remains just there - in my head. But then again, I've always rather been an "idea person." Execution, meh, leave it to the grunts, right?


Anyway, there was no kit involved here, which is why this project took so long. On Monday, I made the gingerbread dough. Tuesday I rolled out and cut about half the pieces, yesterday I rolled out and cut the other half of the pieces in the morning and then made royal icing and did the construction plus phase one of the decoration during naptime, and today I finished up the decoration.

I must admit that there's terror in my heart right now as I await the (Oh no there it is! EEEK!) sound of Bean's door opening as she emerges from her boudoir. She's either going to be overjoyed and excited to see the Gingerbread House, or furious she didn't get to help build it.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

AND the verdict please?

THANK GOODNESS! She loves it!

But guess how many times she's already asked to lick it?

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Yikes! I have more to say about this but something tells me my little gingerbread castle needs a sentry!


  1. I am thoroughly impressed. I have never made a gingerbread house and doubt I will ever have the patience to. Yours looks really good though.

  2. It looks great- what fun and I bet Bean loves it to!

  3. My very first thought was.....

    "This lady has kids and it stayed whole long enough to take a picture???????"

    In my house, the front and roof would still be perfect, but the back would be gone, and the insides hollowed out. I would then kiss the Daughters who have faint gingerbread breath!

  4. Oh! I have a quick solution for Bean. Let her make a 'gingerbread' house of her own out of graham crackers. I did this with Princess last year... that's how easy it is!
    Maybe she'll leave yours along if she has her own house to pick apart. ;)

  5. Impressive. But can you simultaneously string lights on a house while nursing an infant in a papoose?

  6. I am impressed! I have never attempted such a thing, a grahm cracker house is the best I ever did. I'm sure Bean loves it but isn't surprised - she knows her Mama can do anything!

  7. Guffaw, Karen! No! And never hope to! Why, have you?

  8. Oh that looks lovely!! I would never attempt one without a kit, haha.
    And once you get the hang of nursing, you can pretty much do anything else at the same time. Even string lights. Right? Hehe.

  9. OH how beautiful! Your hard work paid off - that's one great looking house!

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  11. I guess that was my problem, actually. I never really got the hang of it!

  12. That is fabulous!!! I have never attempted to make one, I did try to make a box once that immediately fell apart, figured I never be a builder of anything...
    I can just see bean, smiling!!!

  13. Wow --- I'm so impressed! Looks great!

  14. This totally reminds me of Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby house, which I LOVE!!

  15. You frighten a good way, of course. ;)

  16. OH. MY. WORD.

    You have no idea how proud I am of you that you made that all from scratch.


  17. I am very impressed! It looks great!! Of course Bean wants to lick it...I want to lick it.

  18. It's better than the ones we USED to do!! I think mine needed a guard, too!

  19. Now THAT is a gingerbread house. What a beauty!!


  20. It's absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job!

  21. oh, girl, that is CUTE! Well done!


  22. Megan, you ARE my June Clever.

    If I ever get to the point of having it together enough to take the time to make a Gingerbread house from scratch, I will have really made it. xoxo Julie

  23. Oh Megan! I forgot the MOST important part - it is lovely. And quite tempting. Is it edible? What I mean is do you actually feast on it with your mouth or just feast on it with your eyes and your heart? I'd like a little nibble from the back please. Like a little mouse, I'd be. I'd keep the structure intact......

    xoxo Julie

  24. Okay ... I don't like you anymore.

    I'm sitting here with my daughter, Emily, and she said, "WOW! Look at that!"

    I explained what it was and that you had made it. Her response was:

    "Oh! If she were my Mom I would live with her and I could see it and play with it and taste it. Can that lady right there (pointing to your picture) be my Mommy. Please. Please. Please?"

    To think I was actually contemplating making a gingerbread house for my family after seeing yours.

    I'll just ship them all off to you.


    *An Iowa Mom*

  25. You are simply a wonder - that's the only word I can think of to describe you in a nutshell. Is there anything you can't do? I mean it, really!!?? I so enjoy reading your blog and learning of your life. You're such a hoot!!

  26. Wow! That is amazing! I would never be able to pull off something like that! I'm guessing you didn't have to use the hot glue gun...hee hee. And I think it would be better for Bean to like the house than the countertop:) It's absolutely gorgeous!

  27. Impressive! Snatched up a Gingerbread train kit on clearance last year...gotta go find it! How much time do you think you have before Bean snaps off a candy cane?