Sunday, November 11, 2007

Snowbirds-in-the-Making: Save Us a Little Bungalow in PonteBocaVista, Y'all.

Al and I had a fabulous night out last night, just the two of us. (Sparkles.)

We laughed uproariously, we gushed romantically, we dreamed, we bubbled about the kids, planned vacations we envision taking in the next few years - just the fun stuff. The happy, so-in-love-with-life-and-each-other conversations you get to have when all the stars and planets and hormones align that one special night a quarter or so.

And the topic of retirement came up, as it will, when hopes for the future are on the table.

"You know, I just don't get why people retire up here..." pondered Al.

"Well, their families are here and they want to be near their families." I speculated.

"I'm not gonna still be here when I'm old... shoveling snow. (Pause.) When I'm 70, the only frost I ever see's gonna be on the outside of my beer glass."

Sigh. Don't worry prairie friends, we'll be back for the summers. And you can come down and sleep on the pull-out in February.


  1. I propose to you and Al that you seriously consider the Texas coast for retirement. Good and warm and not runover with tourists. You'd love it!

    Our retirement years will most certainly be someplace warm and sunny seeing as how both of us tend to wither and wilt when the temp drops below forty - even though we are still quite hearty and young. Ahem.

  2. I'm one of those peple who will be retired up here. First there is the fact that this is all I've known, so perhaps I don't know any better! Second and more important is the fact that I have all of my family near to me. I would have such a hard time being away from them (although who knows where Andy may end up!) Tell Al he's right about the snow though!

  3. Oh, I'm probably never moving away from where I am. Snow is my lot.

  4. Count me in! I'll find the time to come without the kids! Glad you enjoyed your night out.

  5. I will be retired in the south. I would love to be up north. I am a midwest transtplant to the deep south!!! I just recently learned about red beans and rice, rice and gravy, gumbo, and all sorts of southern things!!

  6. gonna have to be a pretty big pull out, doncha think? Snow is okay, as long as someone other than me shovels!!

  7. "when all the stars and planets and hormones align that one special night"

    HA HA HA!!! The hormones aligning is key and when it all happens at once...that is a special evening! I totally understand and am laughing like crazy (and I might be a little bit envious of such a fun, romantic night out!)

  8. I second the heading warm in the winter!!!!! Hawaii and the caribbean seem to be my favorites. Glad to hear you had a great date night. What restaurant did you end up in?

  9. I love the snow and frost. In fact, Sean is insisting that we TRY to retire in Wisconsin.

    How fun that you got to go out and act like grown up!


  10. I'm with Al on this one. I'd move south NOW if I could. But Hubs is Philly born and bred and he ain't goin' nowheres.