Friday, November 2, 2007


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And speaking of bandwagons. (That's me, second from the left.)

In a fiery head-on collision of my two most notable character traits - heavy, molasses-thick procrastination and pronounced joinerism that would put even the most highly impressionable lemming to shame - I went ahead and committed myself to posting daily for the entire month of November by signing up for membership in the NaBloPoMo blogging community, in the virtual Nth hour.


So if you come visit me and find nothing but a shopping list, a scrawled long division problem, or a hastily-slapped-together declaration of my undying and slightly unnatural love for fist-sized globs of Nutella® on pretzel rods, you'll know I've stretched my already-threadbare creative fibers to their ultimate breaking point and am now just plugging in random snippets from the worn, crumpled doodlepad I keep in my purse. (To tell the truth, it won't be the first time I've resorted to such.)

But the good news is I've at least got tomorrow's post all planned out already: I'll be announcing the randomly-selected winner of the cookbook giveaway AND delighting the rest of you losers, er, non-winners with a little surprise to help soothe the sting of defeat.

Don't miss it, y'all!

And come back each and every day thereafter, now, so you can witness my brain slowly unraveling as the month wears on.


  1. This is great - I can get my Okra fix every day! I'll be back!

  2. Oh, c'mon. Who DOESN'T want to hear about Nutella? Only bad people, that's who.

  3. Procrastination and joinerism - ha ha! I've got frequent bandwagon miles too!

  4. Wouldnt' miss it!

    I don't even BUY Nutella anymore. I eat the whole thing with no pretzels, even.

    The picture of Bean in her costume was positively the cutest thing imaginable. That's all I can say, the cutest thing imaginable.

  5. I have high hopes for you!

    I've already decided on the same sort of randomness if I am at a loss.


  6. I'm sure that even your shopping list would make for some entertaining blog fodder!

  7. Yeah! A healthy dose of Fried Okra every day. I can't wait!
    BTW-I have never heard of Nutella so maybe an explanation could fill one day of your post commitment.

  8. It's Saturday morning and I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! Where are youuuuuuuuuuuu? ;)

  9. I can't wait! Sounds like fun.