Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Lease Mobby Dot, Y'all.

My sweet adorable husband gave me TWO count 'em TWO afternoons off from bein' a Mama over the weekend. One afternoon he loaded our lil Beebop (Bean) up and took her off shopping for a few hours while I lazed around doing absolutely zilch took care of some important things around the homestead. Ahem.

They got home just in time for me to serve them a little bite of warmed up leftovers from the fridge for dinner, and as I was getting it all ready, Al went to powder his nose and Bean trotted circles around the kitchen island, waving her arms, saying, I wish you a Merry Christmas. A Lease Mobby Dot.

Perplexed, I finally interrupted her, "Wait, what are you saying?"

B: I'm saaaaaaaaaaaaying, I wish you a Merry Christmas. A LEASE MOBBY DOT!

Me: (Scritch scritch scritch.) A lease mobby dot?

B: A LEASE MOBBY DOT. Merry Christmas!

Me: Stares blankly. Wanders away mumbling "A lease mobby dot?" over and over again to self.

Al returns to the kitchen.

Me (to Al): A lease mobby dot?

Al (singing): Yeah. They're already playing Christmas music on the radio (eyeroll). FELIZ NAVIDAD, DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOOO...

B (singing and hopping): A lease mobby dot, Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Next day in the car.

B: Mama, why dat radio don't play de DOT song?

Me: The DOT song? (Thinks.) OH!, you mean "A Lease Mobby Dot?"

B: Yeth!

Me: Oh they'll play it. Many many times. Don't you worry. (Chuckles.) By January you will never want to hear that DOT song again, sweetie.

B: Well, I hope dey play it NOW. Cuz I like dat song.

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  1. Ahh, that is brilliant! She is so great. I love how when children say things that are totally perplexing to you, but make complete sense to them, they get so very indignant when you just don't understand! 'A lease mobby dot' to you to!

  2. I love a child's interpretation of words to songs! That has to be one of my favorite Christmas songs--upbeat and fun. You sure won't fall asleep while listening to that one.

  3. It's a little scary that I saw "A Lease Mobby Dot" and immediately knew what she was singing! I think I've been spending too much time in translator mode between my son and his Nana. And forget about teaching him the right way to say some words. Once he makes up his mind, he'll hang on to a mispronounciation for dear life. His current favorite is tomorning. (As in today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorning...). In that context, I guess it makes perfect sense!

  4. That is too cute and funny!! I love that picture of her.

  5. Good stuff! Look at her smile in that picture!! :) So dreamy.

  6. A Lease Mobby Dot to you, too! So cute!

  7. awww that is adorable. I can't wait to start figuring out what song my girl is singing. :) sooooooooooo fun! I love the picture. Your little honey is so dang cute!

  8. Like dragonmouse - I knew what she was singing too. I love those kid translations. Now every time I hear that song, I will think of Bean and her version. My sister has a daughter named Chelsea. When she was young, she thought the song - "In Excelsious Deo", said - It is Chelsea's dayo.

  9. Two days of freedom???

    Oh yea, by the way ... I forgot to tell you that I swept Al off his feet and he's going to be married to me now.

    That won't be a problem, will it?

  10. Thank Goodness you're getting this all down for posterity!

  11. C.U.T.E.

    I think I say this all of the time, but seriously... how do you keep from gobbling her up??


  12. Oh, she gets gobbled. I was in the middle of tickling her and munching on her cheeks when I took that picture, in fact.

  13. I knew right away what she was saying because that is almost exactly how Riley used to sing it, haha. I absolutely love that photo of her - she looks so much like you. ♥

  14. Cute, cute cute!
    I've been a mom for too long - I instantly desiphered that.

  15. I love her version of the song. I think I'll sing it that way when I hear it for the first time this year. Surely I'll think of her when that time comes. She is breathtakingly beautiful.......... But you already know that!

    Please give her a little gobble for me. xox Julie

  16. I was flipping through the radio on Monday and came across 2 different stations playing Christmas music. It's too early!! But I love Bean's lyrics. I could listen to that for the next month and a half, easily!

    Princess discovered "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" when she clicked on the Christmas playlist in my iTunes. I've been cracking up laughing at least once a day to her singing. It make the sore throat a little more bearable.

    Thanks for the caring suggestions and hugs!! I'll try the cranberry juice tomorrow.

  17. Know what's scary? I totally got it the first time I read it.

  18. i love their versions at that age!

  19. Oh! She is just too cute!
    I am the queen of misquoting lyrics. Because I learned all the great hymns but ear, not by reading, I was in shock at the age of 20 to discover that I had been singing "Holy, Holy..." all wrong.
    I knew for a fact that, "God lives in the parsonage, blessed trinity." Not "GOd in three persons, blessed trinity."

  20. I love hearing their idea of what songs say! And that pix is so cute - her smile is infectious!

  21. My kids thought it was "police navidad" for a long time :)

    She's pretty cute.

  22. Jack is learning a new song in choir. When asked to sing it, he began, "Don't sing well, don't sing well, don't sing well..."

    John was puzzled briefly, only to realize he was trying to sing, "Sing noel, sing noel, sing noel."

    Later, he forgot again... when asked by the girls to sing it, he began, "Oh, well...oh, well...oh, well... and hallelujah at the end."

    That sounds like my kinda song.

  23. Oh love the translations--they make our days sparkle, don't they?

  24. Adorable!! I just wanted you to know that I found your blog through Mari's, and I stayed up until 5:00 a.m. last night reading your blog. I'll admit that I'm a bit of an insomniac who is suffering from severe headaches that are preventing me from sleeping, but I couldn't get enough of your blog. You're one funny chick!! I also feel that I have a connection to you because I am the reversal of you. I grew up in Midwest Illinois, and am now transplanted and loving it in South Carolina. How cool is that?? We have much in common in the reverse:) I hope you'll check out my blog, and we can become bloggie friends!!

  25. The things kids hear, and then say amazes me every day. They have such unique experiences that we never think of.
    And, a little to early for that song. Don't get me wrong, I am excited for Christmas, but oh my.

  26. LOL, her and Gracie would be a pair. Bean has a great smile :)