Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And the Next Time I Offer Her Chicken Stock, She'll Think Twice, Don't You Think?

I'm not posting another recipe today because I'm guessing by my stats that we've reached Recipe Critical Mass now and it's time to put Betty Crocker to bed for a few days.

I mean, not that I ever look at my stats.

(Hold please.) (Clickity click click.)


Where was I?

Oh! No recipes, but I am gonna confess to you right now that I make REALLY EXCELLENT HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK. I mean like chicken stock that causes that stuff in those boxes and cans turn 400 shades of red and rush to hide behind the institutional-sized jugs of Hellmann's™ Real Mayonnaise and dill pickle chips when I turn my cart down its aisle. Yeah, THAT good.

When I am all stocked up with homemade chicken broth, I feel positively RICH. This may explain my propensity to over-produce in this area on occasion.

Which brings me to the point of today's little yarn.

One day a few months ago, I'd just finished brewing up "a little extra" chicken stock when I discovered, much to my dismay, that I had brewed up about 2 quarts more stock than I could feasibly store in my freezer. What would I do with the excess? I puzzled and puzzed 'til my puzzler grew sore, and then it came to me! I'd give it to Nicki (My Boys and Me), who loves to cook, and does so frequently, in large volumes and also! Also, she owns a large chest freezer!

I dialed her up breathlessly, poised to spring this piece of fantastic news on her and then stand WAY back for her excited, enthusiastic reception.

"Nicki! I've just made some homemade chicken stock and have some left over that won't fit in my freezer. Would you like to have it?"


And. She didn't want it! Didn't know how she'd use it. Thanked me profusely for my kind offer but turned down. that chicken stock. flat.

I was crestfallen. Not only because Nicki didn't WANT my chicken stock, but also because it meant that I was going to have to (and it pains me even now to write it out, months and a couple of counseling sessions later) pour homemade chicken stock DOWN THE DRAIN.

GASP! Quelle horreur!

I know. Are y'all crying yet?

We have mended our fences, though, and all has been forgiven. It's been hard, but we're neighbors, you know, and we have to see each other pretty much daily, so I thought it best to just apply a generous helping of grace to the situation so we wouldn't become like the Hatfields and the McCoys and end up duking it out over the porkchops-on-a-stick and sweetcorn at Bubba and Bean's wedding.

A little foresight goes a long way, even in the face of snubbed chicken stock.

Today I had to go get some Design Assistance on a little project I'm working on from Nicki, so Bean and I ran across the street to her house for a minute. When I'd finished picking Nicki's brain, I mentioned we were headed out to the grocery store next to pick up a few last minute items for Thanksgiving dinner.

And there was a little pause... a quiet, thoughtful, calculating pause... in the conversation.

"If I give you some cash will you buy me two boxes of chicken stock?" Nicki spat out.

"Absolutely! You don't even have to give me cash, you bought me onions a few weeks ago, remember?"

And then.

I remembered The Chicken Stock Incident.

"You know, Nicki, I seem to recall a phone conversation..." I laughed.

(And her eyes said, OH, BOY. HERE IT COMES!)

"...not too long ago when I offered you some of my homemade chicken stock and you just couldn't think if why you'd ever need it."

"Yes," she giggled back, "I seem to recall that conversation too, and I KNEW you were gonna bring that up when I asked you to buy me some."

And she was right.

And I am vindicated.

And the next time I make chicken stock, you can bet I'll be making a half a gallon extra.


  1. I'll take that chicken stock! (and the recipe too!!!)
    PS - I'm still waiting to hear more about the buttons!

  2. Again you leave me wishing we lived closer. I would have loved such a gift. I have chicken broth on my grocery list at least every other week.

  3. Stupid, stupid me! And you can bet I will come running across the street breathless and with open arms to take every last drop of your extra chicken stock the next time you ask! Thanks sweets!

  4. I make pretty damn good chicken stock too....but still I'd have happily taken some of yours ;P

  5. oh my.....that is funny! It is totally something that would happen to me. LOL
    glad you can laugh about it. :)

    oh yes...I am still wondering about those buttons too.

  6. I made gross chicken stock the other day. I'd cheerfully have taken yours, if it was the same sort of thing that mailed well to Canada.

  7. I love it when you have neighborhoody posts. Such drama! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Ha! Never, ever turn down chicken stock! Especially if you have a large freezer! What was she thinking??

  9. Rule #1...
    Never, never, EVER, turn down homemade chicken stock.

    WHY would you do that????
    And what kind of alzheimer's moment would one be having in order to find yourself saying, "what would I do with it?"

    On second thought, it was probably a "Mommy moment." Those are becoming quite frequent around here... we all depend upon the grace of our good friends, and aren't you one of 'em, now?!! :)

    That is so funny...

  10. I'd love your recipe too if you don't mind giving it up - something tells me that it won't be a problem! I JUST made chicken stock yesterday and wish I would have read this before so I could have emailed you with the request. If and when you do post it please give SPECIFIC amounts for water and such. I don't like guessing. Thanks and happy Turkey Eve. xoxo Julie

  11. I also make my own chicken stock. I never - ever - throw out old chicken bones. It makes the base of most of my soups and stews. And tomorrow it will make my dry stuffing taste much better. And with all these great uses, I too had to throw some out last week. It pained me, but it wouldn't fit into the freezer and I didn't need anymore in my soup.

  12. It's great to have friends that you can mention something like the previously offered chicken broth to and still be friends and not have to just stew about it.

    p.s. I tagged you on my blog

  13. Y'all do realize, of course, that this whole thing was meant to be completely tongue-in-cheek, right? I love Nicki, I have always loved Nicki, and I always will love Nicki, and a little chicken stock could never ever in a million years come between us, ever! She didn't need chicken stock... it happens (well, it happens to other people, it's never are no hard feelings, never were any... I was just kiddin'. :)

    Now, let's go see what I got tagged for, shall we?

  14. i'm thinking to do that with the bones from my that, like, possible? or does turkey stock not substitute for chicken stock flavor-wise, or or or....

    (i know, i am difficult. nice to meet you.)

  15. i'm thinking to do that with the bones from my that, like, possible? or does turkey stock not substitute for chicken stock flavor-wise, or or or....

    (i know, i am difficult. nice to meet you.)

  16. Free homemade chicken stock?! I want to be your neighbor.

    And don't hold back the recipes, please. I love them but haven't had time to try them out yet. Thus no comments. How can I comment without trying the recipe? ;)

  17. Laura, yes. You can do it with turkey stock. If you really want to know now, send me your email address and we can discuss it offline in a few days, okay? Until then, check out this link:

    Looks like a good one, to me! ;)