Monday, October 8, 2007

Top Ten

Strategies Currently In Place to Stave Off the Monday-Morning, He's-in-California-Again, and It's-Still-Too-Hot-for-October Bah-lu-ues

1. Wearing my favorite slimming summer pants and usually-saved-for-special-occasions-only polka top top with the curved side-seams that alternately hug and floof where hugging and floofing are most flattering to my particular shape.

2. Attempting to set up several playdates and outings for the week. Oh yeah, and some stuff for Bean, too.

3. Checking hourly to assure myself self cooler weather IS ON THE WAY.

4. Strongly suspecting a few more damaters have ripened up beautifully over the hot, sticky weekend and planning drippy, gloppy, delicious home-grown, vine-ripened damater samwich for lunch dinner. (Decided I should save the trip out to damater vine to inspect and pick said damaters for a moment when immediate late-afternoon-will-this-day-never-end mood lift becomes imperative for safety of mother and child).

5. Listening to Bean singing. Hey! She knows actual words to actual songs from her music class! Who knew?

6. Stealing occasional trips out front door for a critical stare at the pumpkin and haybale display I put together in the front yard, then asking any of you who have talent in this area to tell me what I need to do to fix it. Because it's not quite right, somehow.

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7. Trying to decide what do for Bean's birthday, and when. Frantically. Avoiding feeling like a bad mother that I'm just now actively planning 9 days before the big event! Avoiding, I said. Avoidavoidavoid.

8. Downloading, cropping, touching up and resizing adorable and VERY. BRILLIANTLY. SUNNY. AND. ORANGE!!! photos from our trip Saturday to buy pumpkins (in the sweltering heat, of course), which I will post sometime later this week on the blog.

9. Remembering the bag of FROZEN BREADED OKRA in the freezer right this very minute, after having forgotten about it for a week or two, and knowing some fried okra will make a stupendous accompiment for that damater samwich I'm having for dinner.

10. Blatantly publishing this drivel post just to garner a few empathetic comments from bloggy friends. One of which will probably go a little something like this: A tomato sandwich for dinner? I thought it would be a SPAM night tonight! And she'll be exactly right, too, except sadly, I don't have any potatoes or peas and you simply can't serve SPAM without mashed potatoes and peas.


  1. Do people really eat SPAM? Hmm. I think (and Kent, who sort of does that thing for a living, also thinks) that the display looks pretty all right. :) Not drivel. I'm just saying.

  2. I like Damator sandwiches and I think your display looks pretty good! Sorry your hunny bunny is gone again!

  3. Doesn't SPAM mean "Someone's Pathetic Attempt at Meat?" :-) Hee, hee...just made that up and it made me chuckle.

    As for them slimmin pants, you go on wit yo bad self.

    Nothing wrong with a nice mater sammich for dinner. As long as it is on toasted white bread with a slice of sweet Vidalia onion. Oh and S&P. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Love your outdoor display. You could add some fall leaves (like you buy at any craft store floral dept.) by weaving them in and amongst the punkins... I love your mums...they're beautiful.

    What's your weather outlook...we're 87 today but low 70's by the week's end. Woo hoo! A cold snap! :-)

  4. Can I come over for dinner? That sounds awesome. But I want bacon on my sandwich, too...

    By the way, I just found your blog the other day, and I'm enjoying it.

  5. I love SPAM! James introduced me to it - fried in a pan like bacon! I love bacon too!!

    A SLD sounds good to me (Spam, lettuce and one of your dem dare damaters)

  6. Love your fall display. Needs to spiff mine up a bit, I'm thinkin'.

  7. Mmm - I'm wantin' to empathize with you; I know what it is to have the hubs gone . . . but I'm stuck on the spam! Hang in there!

  8. What would it look like w/ all the punkins on top and the basket o' mums somewhere off to one side or even in the middle? I can't visualize, so you'd have to try it and see.

  9. Well, I hope you enjoyed dinner! Sounds good--better than Spam. (hee hee) I think your pumpkin display looks really good. I noticed it as soon as we got home yesterday. I especially like to see it lit up at night. A beautiful view I have from over here-yes m'am! Sorry we didn't get outside this afternoon. I had to get my house clean and back to normal. We should be able to get together outside tomorrow and it will be nice and fallish out. Finally!

  10. Sorry to here that Al is out of town!!! I know how long the days can get. If you need to get out of the house this week I am sure that Emma would love a playmate. Just give me a ring. As for you beautiful display...looks really good. Only thing that I might add would be maybe one more mum on the ground??? Just a thought. I love this time of year.

  11. my dtr just got a cute invite to an october bd party being held at the local pumpkin patch. they come in costume.

  12. It supposed to be a high of 60 Thursday. YEA!!

  13. Your fall display looks great. I might put a little something in the lower right hand corner, maybe.
    When does your honey get back?

  14. Okay ... if I counted right (which I probably didn't, but that's not surprising) ... Bean's birthday is the 16th????

    My Emily turns 4 on the 16th. :)

  15. I think beck is right. The display needs a little something on the lower right corner. Maybe another potted mum. Or stick the flower basket there and make a small scarecrow with Bean that can sit on top of the hay bale.

    Just use some old clothing and if you don't want to get more hay to stuff the scarecrow I've used plastic grocery bags in the past. Then I take the bags to get recycled when the display comes back down.

    Oh, I never knew that peas and mashed potatoes were the proper side dishes for SPAM.

  16. Yep, people really DO eat SPAM and it's yummy. Like Julie said, it's like bacon. Only in a can.

    I shall not reveal when HB gets back. Maybe he's already back, or maybe not. Hmm.

    Thanks for the ideas about the fall display. I have another mum I can include but it needs to bloom first.

    B's big day is on the 17th. I probably counted wrong. ;)

    Chrissy you can come ahead on to dinner. The damaters are sure to come in a little longer and I still even have a few on my windowsill. I don't have bacon though. BYOB(acon). Tee hee.

  17. I've got a kid with a birthday on the 17th, too! I've also got one with a birthday on the 25th, and not a blessed thing planned for either one. Good luck with your party planning.

    BTW, I love your blog.


  18. Love mater sandwiches. I think they are a great dinner, especially when your honey is away.

    SPAM was a favorite on Guam...SPAM and rice. They had all different varieties, and they would give out samples in the store. I have never really cared much for it myself. It tastes like catfood to me...not that I know what catfood tastes like! SPAM is good in fried rice, though.

  19. Good list. The hugging and floofing polka dot top will surely put you in a great mood for the week. I think your fall display is great - the mum basket is super cute.

  20. Don't feel bad about not planning her party. I usually always wait till the last minute! My daughter turns 6 on the 29th. She's been planning it since the day after last year's party! I on the other hand better start thinkin' about it...