Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh, And Thankfully, No One Up Here's Ever Heard the Expression: Lordy Lordy, Look Who's Forty!

I believe I may have mentioned a time or two here how much I LOVE AND TREASURE AND ADORE my neighborhood. And by neighborhood I mean the dear people who inhabit it. Check this out.

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Oh yes they did!

And clever little boogers that they are, they have me pegged already! After only about 18 months of knowing me. The party had been in the works for several weeks before my actual birthday. I saw a few not-terribly-subtle-to-me (the I-must-know-everything-about-everything sleuth that I am!) signs that Something Was Up here and there. I observed whispered conversations and noted rapid and bizarre subject changes when I appeared on the scene. Alas, I am The Queen of Surprise-Spoilery. The Dutchess of Dumping the Cat Out of the Bag. And even I get annoyed by myself at times, but usually I just can't help it. Do something right under my nose, I may never notice. Try to hide it, and I will never quit until I know every sordid detail. I snooped and I spied. Oh, these people were so easy. So transparent.


My birthday came.

And went.

And nothing happened.

The weekend after my birthday came.

And went.

Still nada.

Well, I thought, I guess I was imagining all that. Or mebbe they WANTED to do something but it just never came together.

It was all good though, I'd had a perfectly lovely time turning 40, with flowers and cards and a birthday cake made by Nicki and flowers and cards from neighbors and friends PLUS pampering and JEWELRY from Al and Bean. I was completely and fully satisfied with the festivities and had turned the page on my birthday with a happy smile and a contented sigh. Next stop, 41.

I got an emailed invitation to the regularly-scheduled Neighborhood Game Night a few days after the Birthday Dust had settled, and responded with alacrity (that's my new favorite word, alacrity... feel free to adopt) that we'd be in attendance. Organized the babysitter. Put it on the calendar. Planned what appetizer I'd take. Moved on.

Game night rolled around. I prepared my appetizer, got myself all purtied up, greeted the babysitter, and scurried off to Neighbor Christy's house, carrying my little bag of baguette rounds and my duo of dips for munching. We walked to the front door and it was closed. I rang the doorbell. A chorus of voices shouted, COME IN!!!

I opened the door. Nicki was standing right inside the door, staring at me, smiling.

Everyone else was standing in the entry hall and halfway up the stairs in a big bunch. They all shouted SURPRIIIIISE!


Blink blink.


Honestly, my first reaction (which thankfully I was able to keep completely inside my own head, which is not common for me) was pretty much WHA? SO CONFUSED! MUST THINK. What's the surprise? It's game night. Why's everyone standing in a clump like that? So far away from the all the food?

I know. Just call me Zippy. Like a finely-tuned, high-speed computer, this brain of mine.

I finally caught on when Neighbor Katie stuck a birthday hat on my head.

It was a hoot of a party. The food, the laughter, the presents, the cake... all of it 100% picture perfect. And we did get down to the games, eventually.

But the best part of it all? My sweet "new" friends (whom I honestly feel I've known for half my life already). That Neighbor Nicki and Neighbor Katie planned this whole thing with Neighbor Christy (the hostess)and Al via whispers and emails, just for little ol' me. And that the rest of the gang (including most of the Bunco gals) were there to celebrate and enjoy and laugh and smile and be happy.

That, ya'll, is the about the best gift a girl could ever get.


  1. Awesome!!! And are there homes available in the neighborhood? I have a birthday coming up in February...and I love games!! :0)

    Happy belated birthday party!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday - a little late! I don't think you mentioned this great event on your blog. You look mah-ve-lous, darling! (even though you are aging) And you know what? Your neighbors are special for doing something so sweet, but obviously you are pretty special or they wouldn't have done it.

  3. You have the nicest neighbors!! I barely know my neighbors' names and I know that because the mail gets delivered to the wrong mailbox sometimes.

    Looking at those pictures I would never have guessed that you're 40!

  4. Wonderful, and love the pics. It's so fun to HAVE SOME FUN! The older you get, the rarer it is to find it, like a hidden treasure.
    I love the end of a good time, when you get to sit back and sigh, and say, "Ahhh, that was so fun." Makes me want to go have some right now!

  5. Awww! What sweet friends! I just love a surprise party. You look great! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Awww, that's so sweet! Happy birthday! =)

  7. You tease me with the Neighbor Katie thing. Don't I wish?!

  8. Oh, we've heard that saying, but we're your friends! We wouldn't do that to you. I'm so glad you were surprised. It was a really good time. I still laugh that we surprised you and all you could do, was turn to me and say, "You went shopping!" It was about you, not my jeans! I love you.

  9. O my gosh! SO! MUCH! FUN! And you are adorable. I don't think I've ever seen a full picture of your face.

  10. Yay for pictures of you! :) I'm glad you had a great time. And happy (belated) birthday!

  11. How fun! I can related to the role of "confused suprize-ee".
    My one surprize party involved me arriving at the same time as 2 of the guests...friends who didn't know one another. I was like " do you know each other?"

  12. SO glad we were able to pull this party off without you knowing! I know you had a great time because when those 80's tunes popped on you became a dancing queen. It was wonderful to see you loving life at 40! Which I do think you said is the new 30!

  13. Awwwww! That's so nice! Lucky you.
    My husband threw me a surprise party when I turned 35 and I was so shocked that I just stood there looking horrified for a few minutes!

  14. What a cute, sassy thang you are! Happy Birthday! What a nice surprise!

  15. Awwwwwwww! So jealous I am of your shocker of a surprise party! What a ball.

    Happy (belated) birthday!! You make 40 look smokin hot. :)

  16. oh, what fun! and happy birthday. late, i guess! you soooo don't look whatever forty is supposed to look like!

  17. YUP! If you lived here, there'd be a big 'ole sign at the end of the road that says "LORDY, LORDY, MEGAN'S FORTY!!"

    You are so cute, too!!

  18. sounds like a wonderful night and totally great that they completely surprised you!! :-)

  19. I am sooooooooooo envious of your fabulous neighborhood! You are certainly blessed. :)

  20. Wow ... if that is what one looks like at age 40 ... I can't wait! :)

    Happy Belated Birthday. I'm glad you were able to create such wonderful memories with your "new" friends!

  21. Yeah, they got the surprise off. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  22. Oh, did you have on new jeans?