Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ode to A Lurker

Delurking Day's upon us
I wonder who's reading
Is it you, you, or YOU?

If you readz and no commentz
(Though that may sound presumptuous)
To meet you down there (↓)
Would simply be scrumptuous!

Write me a note!
C'mon, tell me you're list'nin'.
I'm stuck inside cleaning
Gotta get this place glist'nin.

Haven't cleaned for weeks
And I'll tell you, it shows
Can't even sit down
I'd get ick on my clothes!

And speaking of clothes
It's laundry day too.
Housecleanin' lottery,
I think I've won you!

It's drudgery, people!
Gimme a 'scuse
To put down my duster
And rest my caboose.

Delurk today.
Then go back in your shell.
Or stay out. You might like it!
You never can tell.

-- FriedOkra, October 2007

Seriously! Say one little sumpin'! Go on, it feels good!


  1. I'm not a lurker,
    But I do like your rhyme.
    And my mini-vacation?
    A fabulous time!

    We're home safe and sound,
    Just thought you should know.
    I will post again
    In a day or so.

    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Hi Megan! Although I don't comment very much, I do read and love. :)

  3. I am a faithful reader - but not a lurker. I love your poem!

  4. I'm no lurker either, but just wanted to wave hi!


  5. I just found your site,
    not long ago.
    But I've never commented,
    say it ain't so.

    You took time to be poetic,
    so I'll give it a try.
    Check out my page if you're bored,
    and let me know you stopped by.

    I'm failing at the poem,
    so I'll bring this to a close.
    Keep up the great blogging,
    and go clean your clothes.

    Yeah, I pretty much suck at that.


  6. Thanks for the comment. I'm perfectly happy making comments everywhere. Definitely! However, I'm on a dial-up system at my Dad's (see today's post on that story) so I tend to lack on the comments. I'll keep it up now that I've poked my head out.

  7. oh yeah, and thanks for the compliment on Lorelai. I love the name as well. It takes people a while to get used to it. :-)

  8. That was fun!

    I hope you are sleeping peacefully right now in your CLEAN house!

    Me, well, I'm watching the Cubs. It'll be a late one!

  9. I'm back, being directed here by Elaine, to wish you forty of the best, and then some! Happy Birthday!!!



  10. That is a cute way to do a roll call! You are always so creative! Lurking is just a little pet peeve of mine!

  11. Do unto others, right? Well, I'd love for my lurkers to de-lurk so it's only fair that I do so when called out! Love your blog, thanks for the laughs. Oh, and good luck with the jeans thing.

  12. Cute. I was just thinking the same thing. The other day I had 40 vistiors and 7 comments ...hmmm

  13. Hola, Me!

    You is in attendance this morning. I always read, always enjoy, but don't always comment!

    Happy Thursday!


  14. Lurker, here, obsessed with reading the cleverness of others but devoid of my own. Love the poem.


  15. Emmie in Central Texas enjoys your blog! And, as I say, nothing says love like commenting and Sonic ice. Thank the Lord for the dear people that mess up those clothes, and for the food provided that dirties those dishes--it'll make the cleaning go better! Keep posting. Must be nice to be long-legged (this from a 5', short-waisted grammy!).

  16. I'll 'fess up to not only lurking, but nearly snorting coffee out my nose while reading more than one of your posts. Your descriptions of adventures in Mommyhood are a highlight of my day, and give me hope that my own (mis)adventures will someday be fodder for fun stories for my kiddo and not, as I have feared, a reason for therapy!

  17. What if I'm not sure if I'm a lurker? I think I've commented at some point. Well, whatever. Hello! Love your blog.

  18. Oh U R 2 Clever!
    Good luck with the cleaning
    (Had to read kids some Seuss books
    To get the words streaming)

    When the lurkers come out
    Take a break, fill your cup
    Make new blog friends through Nap Hour
    Then Get Off Your Butt!

  19. now i feel the need to be clever
    when leaving this note
    so when everyone reads this
    they'll like what i wrote

    i've seen you on mari's
    and read your charleston advice
    i want to go to sullivan's
    and try it once - or twice

    is there anything better than
    food that is southern fried?
    it's buttered floured
    & cooked with great pride

    Anyway - I just wanted you
    to know I stopped by
    and I found you through Mari
    so now you know why!

  20. Not a lurker but I'm here. :)

  21. You've caught me - I have been lurking! :-) I discovered your blog about a week ago and have really enjoyed your wit and wisdom...and as a Georgia mom, I must also confess that fried okra is one of my favorite foods! :-)

  22. you know I'm no lurker
    But my brain is too fried
    To comment in rhyme
    At least it looks like I tried!

  23. I've just started reading your blog and I do try to comment every so often...but I'm definitly around and readin'! Love it!!!

  24. totally cute. I am not a lurker either...I just started reading you this week.
    LOVE the poem!

  25. No lurkin' here babe! I miss you, but having a great time. See you soon. Way to encourage those lurkers!

  26. i am a lover not a lurker (usually)! and you know i love ya! come see me anytime!

  27. Megan, this is awesome. Not a lurker either, just wanted to cheer for this cuteness!