Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nothing Comes Between Me and My ...


Any guesses?

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Contrary to what this picture illustrates, THESE are THE JEANS.

They are Tommy Hilfiger Modern Rise Bootcut jeans, which I located (finally) RIGHT NEXT TO the DKNY jeans at Carson's when I made a second trip through one afternoon when Bean and I were desperate! to! get! outta! the house!

These jeans are a nice soft true blue cotton denim blended with a hint of Spandex®. They're cut low but not too low, and they feature a simple embellishment (featuring a subtle 'H') on each of the back pockets. You know what else I love about these jeans? The zipper and inner seam stitching? Is RED. But only on the inside of the jean, where it can't be seen by anybody but me. And red makes me happy. So each and every time I pull on my new Jeans, I get a shot of happy. And it feels like Secret Happy, too. Who doesn't lurv them some Secret Happy?

But I still say contrary to the above because there are some THINGS reflected in this picture that make these babies seem much less THE JEAN-Y than they were two weeks ago.

Such as the 5 extra pounds I've loaded on scarfing down pizza and birthday cake for a week. (Heaven help me when I'm the mother of the BRIDE, if I can load on this much weight from one measly lil toddler birthday week!)

And. The dirigible-ic bloating I've got goin' on right now. My dear sister sent me some probiotics for my birthday, for me to start taking on accounta she has noted that I GET SICK ALLATIME! So she hooked me up with the good stuff and also recommended that I take FOUR TO SIX GRAMS of Vitamin C a day. Yes. GRAMS. Not milligrams. That, my friends, is equivalent to eating nearly 60 oranges in ONE DAY. See? Gas. (In my somewhat hasty research, I also discovered that an ORGAN has zero mg of Vitamin C per serving. But I bet you'd have bigger problems than gas if you were to eat an organ.) (I'm just sayin'!)

But looky! I'm not sick!

Instead, I am a blowfish. A kindof musical blowfish. And I'm not talking Tra-lala I'm a musical blowfish, either.

(But I'm not giving up on the probiotics or the Vitamin C.)

Anyway, thanks to all the methane, and the birthday shenanigans, and a poorly-timed trip (for the jeans, not me) through the washer and dryer, THE JEANS are not looking their very best. On me. But I still love them very dearly. I have them on right now, in fact.

I don't believe I received a single recommendation for Tommy Hilfiger jeans!

So I'm going to combine the two awards I promised in my original September is New Jeans Month post and divide the total pot in half so I can award (with nothing less than full-gale ALACRITY) each of TWO random commenters on that original post a $20 gift card to the retailer of her choice, provided the purchase and shipment of said gift cards may be perpetrated wholly on-line. Because Mama ain't goin' to the mall again for a very long time. So saith Daddy, anyway. And I am sure Bean will gladly echo-ith the same.

And the two lucky random commenters on September is New Jeans Month are:

(Musical noises resembling drumroll.) (Ahem.) (Or maybe a trumpet fanfare, you be the judge.) (Or not.)

Mari of My Little Corner of the World.


Jenn at Full of Boys.

Congratulations winners and thank you EVERYONE for nearly 60 great suggestions. I have new jeans! And it's still October!

See, Mamabloggin' is so powerful. Together, we can move mountains, y'all.

Or something like that.

Methane fumes, you know.


  1. Did you hear that excited yell? That was me - I never win anything, and I didn't even sign up for this. Thanks! I was going to tell you that I'm sure those jeans look better on you in your "bloated" condition, than mine do on me at anytime!

  2. I have to say....that I love a gal who can talk about Gas and birthday cake in the same post. Rock on with yourself and those snazzy new jeans! :)

  3. I love the jeans. I only wish I looked on a normal day the way you look on a bloated day!

    I hope you got more than one pair.

  4. Wow Mari- I think I need to follow you around in the blog world. Your lucky! I will be waiting to see your purchase in person.

    The jeans look great! There is nothing like a good fitting pair of jeans! I also love the comment about the red making you happy and it is your secret. Too funny.

  5. I'm still lookin' for MY perfect pair. I'm glad you found yours!

  6. Oh how I understand the methane issue. I just joined Weight Watchers, and boy do they lurv their fiber!! Zowie. I don't like going to weigh in 'cause I'm sure that I have about 12 lbs of gas in me!!!

    Enjoy the jeans

  7. Gorgeous jeans! I need a new pair myself.

  8. The jeans look great bloat or not, glad you found what you like. I may give that brand a try sometime I have a funny shape and can't find a favorite brand no how.

  9. The jeans! The jeans! I am so excited to hear about the jeans. We just so happen to have a TH outlet right in this very town. May have to pop in and see if I can find some jeans with the discreet red stitching for mahself.

    I'll just have to take your word on the bloat you are experiencing because I see nary a trace in that picture. If they are so good at hiding the bloat, I wonder what they can do with my post-partum jelly belly?

    Off to shop! (online, of course)

  10. Really, I think it should be obvious to anyone that when I said Gloria Vanderbuilt I meant Tommy Hilfiger.


    Love the jeans! Glad for you!

  11. Maybe that "methane" problem will pass (AHEM) with time. Your body may need time to get used to all the new stuff. They say that is the case with beans...

    The jeans look great, and I'm glad you're happy!

  12. are hamin' it up today, little missy. I hope you get rid of your methane without too much cramping. I can totally sympathies, as a vegetarian. We struggle with these things.
    But evidently your new healthy stuff is giving you lots of energy. :)

  13. cool. I'm going to check out the TH website--maybe I can get a pair airmailed to me! could use new jeans. Thanks for all the work on that project!

  14. Love the red! My Luckys say "Lucky You" on the placket inside the zipper. Cracks. Me. Up. EVERY TIME I put them on. :-)

    They look great. Congrats on finding The Jean!

  15. Oh man! I could have won --- one of my most fav pre pregnancy pairs of jeans were my Tommy H's. Oh well, maybe next time! I totally forgot all about those!

  16. Those are cute! Maybe if you wash them a few more times the lines will even out into a more general faded area?

    Even still they are quite cute! And the hidden red stitching... I love stuff like that. It's like wearing panties that says Bite Me on the back under a business suit to a job you can't wait to quit.

  17. I love your personality! The jeans look great! What bloating - WHAT BLOATING???? Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to yell, but yes! they look great on you!

  18. Tommy's!!! Aha!! I just bought a pair myself and love them also. They are stretchy at the waist and I love the dark blue wash. Bought them right before I left town so I didn't even think to mention them. Congratulations! They look great on you! Heather and Cami

  19. I thought I found a great pair of jeans. But I washed them and now I'm not so crazy about them. Oh well.
    Your jeans look great, that tom or not