Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Top Ten (Because I'm in a Listy Mood Lately)

Top Ten Reasons I'm Clicking My Proverbial Heels This Fine Afternoon

1 - Got my cozy, finally! The high temp today's only in the 50s and it's even BLUSTERY (can you say BONUS COZY?) The low tonight may bottom out near 40. Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm... SLEEPITY SLEEP SLEEP!

2 - Guess who I'll be doing all the cozyin' and the sleepyin' next to? Yep, I'm expecting the delivery of one fresh, hot, sweet Honey Bunny at my very doorstep in a matter of hours. Schmoopy snuggle-nirvana, come to Mama!

3 - After weeks and weeks of searching and trying on and stewing and fretting, I've found THE. JEANS. (Sorry, that is not a link to THE. JEANS. I'm not ready to let the cat outta the bag just yet.) Oh yes, I have! Sheer perfection. I will be telling y'all about them and showing you pictures and awarding long overdue gift cards on Friday! And I am seriously looking forward to that.

4 - I also found a lovely coral cashmere sweater with a v-neck and sleeves the perfect length (a rarity, I seem to have short arms?) It fits like a second skin. I totally get the mystique of a good cashmere sweater now. Once I had it on, it was clear we were made for one another.

5 - It was ON SALE!

6 - So I now own ONE Perfect Outfit. Perfect jeans and a perfect cashmere sweater. Stacey and Clinton? Y'all reading this? Please don't surprise me at Bunco night tonight, okay? Because if you put me in that 360 Degree Mirror in this outfit, you'd both be struck mute and quip-less by my brilliant adherence to The Rules and my relentless shopping charisma. And my tushie (snicker). (Come back tomorrow when I'm back wearing my baggy, faded black yoga pants and my lifeless grey t-shirt with a pair of Al's tube socks, okay? Puh-lenty of snarky hilarity to be had there.)

7 - I have a place to WEAR the Perfect Outfit tonight (after modeling it for the Honey Bunny upon his arrival, of course) because it's Bunco night at Nicki's house this evening.

8 - And I know the menu. And it includes chili, cheese, Buffalo chicken dip and pear/gorgonzola thingies. And more. And y'all? SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP. I may have to sport a bit of a bib to keep it all off the sweater, though.

9 - I have 100% homegrown, homemade roasted tomato marinara sauce on the stove. Wait, make that 90% homemade because I didn't grow the garlic myself. Sorry! If you could only feast your little nose on this stuff. Thanks Pam (KidsKitchen) for the inspiration!

10 - I got to take a NAP today. Under a QUILT! With the wind howling outside and my house all clean, quiet, peaceful and waiting. Now that's a heel-clicker of an afternoon.

Oh, and don't you love it when your kid calls you from her bed after her nice long 2.5 hour nap and says, Mamaaaaaaaaa? I can't sleep, can I please come outta my woom now? Hee hee hee. Can't sleep, my foot! The COZY crept up and got the best of you, babeeeee.


  1. Well, its sounds like someone is having a very good day. And I am very much looking forward to a picture of the perfect outfit!!

  2. There is nothing more spectacular than a child taking a 2.5 hour nap, I have to say, except maybe taking a nap yourself. Sounds like a great afternoon.

  3. Can't wait to see this outfit! :-) And that sounds like a BLISSFUL afternoon. Sigh . . .

  4. Oh how I wish that I could be taking a nap. Naps went away many moons ago (sniff, sniff).


  5. It sounds like a perfect day.
    And I need some new clothes BAAAD.

  6. Well - it sounds like it has been a great day for you, and will only improve when Al arrives. Hope you have a great time in your new outfit, playing Bunco and welcoming your honey!

  7. I have long arms. I have a hard time finding long sleeved shirts that reach all the way to my hands. Very annoying. We finally got some truly cold weather here too. Yay fall!

  8. Oh, won't you please send some of that cozy goodness down here? It probably won't make it past Oklahoma, and I'll be left to sweat it up magnificently until oh, say, Thanksgiving.

    So if you can't send the cozy cold, I'll gladly accept a fab jeans recommendation. Mama needs a new pair o' jeans! And some heels to click.

  9. Your day sounds absolutely dreamy! Hope the sauce turned out good! Still waiting on the cooler weather here...maybe tomorrow!

  10. Hey guess what?
    I'm trying to get set up over here in the new blogville.
    I might need to take baby steps. I can't figure out how to make it look pretty. I never knew how to do that in the first place.
    I feel like we are blog neighbors again now.

  11. You kill me. You're too happy, did you know that?! :) Just kidding...sounds like you had a perfectly lovely day. So how do you play bunco?

  12. What a great day. Yes, Yes, Yes. Fall is here

  13. Our Fall is here
    Or so I thought
    Our temperature is dropping

    But then I read
    Your temp is fifty
    The bragging I'll be stopping

    We're only in the seventies
    No bluster to be found
    The only sign of fall I see
    Are a few leaves on the ground!

  14. Glad the weather finally caught up to your cozy Fall longing! Good for you for napping right along with Bean!

  15. All very good reasons to be happy! The jeans are great too! I honestly don't remember your sweater, but I've told you before--it would basically have to jump off you and smack me to get me to notice. I just don't pay attention to clothes and hair. I'm sorry. I love when Munch wakes up and tells me he can't sleep. "Yeah okay, you just slept for two hours. Sure you can get up." Kids are funny like that.

  16. It's Saturday night and I'm dying to know which jeans you got. Let the cat out of the bag, please!!!