Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Which My Ulcer Bleeds Just a Little.

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Y'all been to BooMama's today?

She's gonna host a holiday tour of homes. Y'all go read about it.

Now, when I read the first (for me) mention of this festive occasion yesterday, I got all excited. Thinking it'd be a bloggy holiday open house she'd hold one Saturday, when we could all hire babysitters and pour ourselves a tall Diet Coke/Starbucks Latte/glass of wine, dress up in our sparkly sweaters and Christmas tree socks, park ourselves in front of our computers and spend the day touring one another's blogs which we'd have decked out fully in magnolia boughs and red velvet bows and homemade manger scenes featuring the baby Jesus with a Brillo™ pad afro.

I immediately planned my quippy email to Jules@EverydayDesign to see if she'd be able to slap a Santa hat on the okra in my header for the big occasion.

Alas, a Santa hat on my okra's not what BooMama's talkin' about.

She's talkin' about a REAL (okay well PICTORIAL) tour. Of our homes. Waitaminute. My home? The one that lo, these 18 months later has not a stick of dining room or office furniture and whose walls all still abashedly sport now-banged-up-all-to-polka-dotted-H-E-doublehockeysticks Builder Grade White paint? That one?

Jiminy Christmas.

Mama is overwhelmed. Yet Mama is the world's BIGGEST joiner. Non-participation in BooMama's Tour of Homes is simply NOT AN OPTION for me, as I know if I chose to abstain, I would lie in my bed on December 17th and cry fat, sploinking tears of self-inflicted abandonment and ice-cold loneliness. Nossir, I know better. If there's a bandwagon within a 10 mile radius of these newly-Tommy-Hilfiger'd buns, Mama is ON THAT BAD-BOY, in the front seat, next to the driver, offering to hold-the-reins-for-just-a-minute-I'll-be-so-careful-I-promise-can-I-please-huh-can-I?! I WILL. NOT. BE. LEFT. OUT.

You bet I'm in, BooMama.

Are y'all gonna be in? She hasn't officially announced it, I guess. Well, sorta.

I know Nicki will be all over this one. Nicki is the Royal Potentatress of Holiday Decorating. She has a tree in her family room every year that makes the Griswald's tree look like A Charlie Brown Christmas. AND, I heard her hubby Mark mention starting on his outdoor lighting this week, too. So that household is ALL in.

And come to think of it, that doesn't make me feel even a little bit better.

If you are in, but nervous as a cat in a roomfull of rockin' chairs, here are some cool websites I've scoped out with fun ideas for decorating. On a shoestring. Or not.'s Easy Christmas Decorating.'s A Homemade Christmas.'s Christmas Decorations.

Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Decorating.'s Interior Decorating Holiday Ideas.'s Holiday Decor Ideas.

Gotta run now. Have 4000 green pipecleaners to braid and twist into weatherproof garland! Must get crackin'.


  1. Have I ever told you that I LOVE you? oh...I haven't huh??? well, maybe I was just being shy! cause.....I LOVE YOU! Thos post just about made me snort chicken alfredo out my nose...and that would hurt.
    a tour of homes huh???? I am scared....VERY scared! but like you....I can sort of be a bandwagon junkie. we'll see...

  2. Megan,
    Alas, I too have not done any, well not too much painting in my 17-month old abode. I have painted the hallway outside of T and M's rooms-shoulda seen it. T slid and made a huge hole in the wall with his knee. Finger prints everywhere, just a mess. And, I had a whole gallon of paint that I never used at the old home front and decided it must be used in the laundry room, aka the dog's bedroom. Had a hankerin' to paint one day. Now the basement, that's another story. We finished it over the winter-ourselves, with a little help from a friend. It looks really good. I used nice colors and nice paint. I am in the process of picking colors for the upstairs, but don't know when I'll even get around to painting it. You better get to work girl friend. Love your blog. Gay

  3. I just LOVE the way you write! Thanks for the smiles. I have a feeling that you and my "I can't understand what you just said because you are talking to fast" 12 year old would so get along together.
    I have to tell you the thought of having real people on my house some days freaks me out so the thought of posting forever photos out there in cyber world to some day be able to hold over my head kinda freaks me out. But the thought of being able to see everyone else's house is right up my ally so I will have to give it some serious thought. I will just have to stuff my perfectionist character flaws in my back pocket and deal with it.

  4. Ooooh! I have been waiting all year for this to come up again! I didn't start blogging until right after Christmas, so I didn't join in, but I sat there for hours, drinking in the creativity of those who did participate. This will give me just the motivation I need to do it up big!

    Do it. You'll be glad you did!

  5. I know the answer - I'm going to go POSE AT MY FRIEND'S HOUSE. She knows how to decorate AND clean. Yep.

  6. Oh I love the holiday tour. I did this last year. FUN!!

  7. Oh, and you're a scream. But I tell you that every time. Are you sick of hearing it yet?

  8. This is a frightening thought. I will contemplate it, but I am no Martha Stewart!

  9. I'm gonna do what Beck said! I live in an apartment. I'm not posting pics of that thing!


  10. Oh yea ... I'll be in ... but just to make your home look really really good. Because mine is that bad.


  11. I started sweating from the stress of it all too. I am pitiful to think that my computer friends (you who have no clue who I am) actually care what my house looks like, with our without Christmas decor. Oh yes. I am in. I too am not one to sit out on any sort of challenge (keep in mind my marriage was intially a dare -long story - a future post indeed). And oh yes! This will be a challenge.

  12. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a giveaway - come check it out! Thanks!

  13. You bet I'm all over this! Like white on rice, red on poinstettas and green on a Christmas tree!! I can't wait!

  14. I'm so excited--another good reason to buy more Christmas decorations! Thanks for the links--I need all the help I can get! Wait a minute, maybe Beck's onto something...I could take pics of my Mom's house and pass them off as my own!

  15. Count me in . . . sounds like fun!

  16. Jumping on the Fall Y'all Giveaway bandwagon is more than enough for this blogger. I can do a giveaway.
    Post pictures of the inside of my house on my blog is a completely different story. I have to decorate 2 houses for Christmas every year - ours and my mom's. And since we spend the holiday with my mom that's the house that gets the most attention.

  17. I love Christmas. Thanks for the linkage ideas.

  18. This seems like fun! (but yes, stressful) Good luck! Thanks for the post!

  19. I loved Fried Okra too!! But people out in Oregon don't even know what I'm talking about when you try to describe it. I have to go back to Oklahoma to find good okra. I like the header of your blog too.

  20. Hey Megan,
    I'm Mari's sister- Thought I'd stop by and visit you.
    I did the Tour last year and it was really fun! Don't panic- there are all kinds of entries- extravagant to simple decorating- all just as much fun as the last.
    Have a great time- I'll be doing it again this year also!