Thursday, October 4, 2007

And All That, Just to Say "He's HOME!"

What a fun time that Delurking Day turned out to be! Thanks y'all! I love that you even got all poetic right back at me. Delightful! And Karen, I'm gonna be laughing about your ...sumpin'... for a week. I believe in my heart there're a few more lurkers out there, too, but a couple probably hadn't a clue what I was talking about and a couple more I know may not be reading and one or two just. don't. comment. on. the. blog. period. stop. hounding. me. already. But they DO email me on occasion so I counted 'em in my head. It's all good though. Lurk, don't lurk, comment, don't comment. Just sit back and enjoy just for Pete's sake don't leave a sticky mess I have to clean up because Mama does NOT care for a sticky mess.

Which brings me to today's Big Events. One of which involves a sticky mess and one involves the revelation of one of those bloggy secrets you have to keep even though your very soul cries out to confide it loudly to all of Internetia.

Big Event Number One involves my having gotten a bit of EXTRA SLEEP lately, and having arisen this morning chock full of zee VIM and zee VIGOR and ready to scoop up my favorite diminutive Sous Chef and haul her giggling down to the kitchen to whip up some PAMPAKES! Oh people. I wish you coulda seen the child's face when I asked her over our morning snugglefest, Hey Bean, you wanna go downstairs and help Mama make some PAMPAKES?! And heard her squeal PAMPAKES? FER BREFTIST? YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! It'd have absolutely made your morning, as it surely did my own.

I did NOT get any pictures of the actual creation of the colossal mess PAMPAKES, seeing as how you don't, for a minute, scootch yourself even millimeter away from the scene when you've placed a small person in close proximity to flour, eggs and oil. No, trust me. You just don't. Because I stood over her like Geppetto over Pinnochio, (and oh how she loves my close and constant gasping, hyperventilating and nagging supervision when she's trying to create!) But I DID get a little snap happy after the damage was done breakfast was ready and Bean was safely perched in her chair, horking down PAMPAKES enough to choke an elephant.

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And I know what you're thinking, by the way. Why is she writing so much about Bean lately? The Fried Okra, she is becoming of one dimension. (You know because I am so wildly multifaceted most of the time. Which, HA!) And in answer to your unspoken question, I shall reveal BIG EVENT Number Two. No, no I don't mean that the way it sounded. I actually mean the Second of Two Big Events, Namely: The Glorious Homecoming of My Weary Business Traveler Who Has Been Absent from the Premise Since A Very Eye-baggily Early Hour Last Monday Morning.

Did y'all even notice he was gone?

Oh we have been rejoicing here at his return. He looks pale and thin, but nothing a good homecooked meal and an evening curled up with his two best girls won't fix up. He actually enjoyed the trip - his first BIG meeting since starting the new job - and was reunited with several old buddies from the Nefarious Firm. He's beside me now, working on a paper for his class. He says Hey Ladies.

Oh? Well, thank you, I'll tell him you said so.

And with that huge secret off my chest, I shall exhale in relief and bid you adieu so I can go enjoy myself a heapin' helpin' of the HoneyBunny.


  1. Wow! She really loved those pancakes. Those pictures make me want to whip some up tomorrow morning with Princess.

    I'm sure you'd do this without me saying but be sure to give some extra snuggles to your HoneyBunny. It's so wonderful when they come back home.

  2. Look at her! She's adorable! I can not believe you had the energy to make pancakes after single mommin' it all week long. I'm not worthy.
    Glad Al's back - have a great weekend!

  3. Suzie calls them pampakes too. I love it :)

  4. Still waiting on my hubby's return . . . 14 days gone and counting {sigh}! Pancakes -- looked like such fun!

  5. I tried to de-lurk yesterday, but couldn't seem to open up blogger's comment page :-)...I've only been reading your blog for a week or 2...can't really remember how I found you but I've enjoyed your writing :-).

    Bean is adorable! Have a great Friday!

  6. Could you please ask Bean to come to my house and cook some pamcakes for us? They look SOOOOOO yummy.

    And Hello to you too, Al

    Oh and please tell us about the new job (or did I miss that somewhere?)

  7. You are so friggin' hilarious. That's all. Good night.

  8. I just read through your most recent posts (I've had a couple of crazy weeks, but I think they are coming to a close now... time to catch up on what's happenin' in bloggityville!), and I had to stop and tell you I enjoyed them SO much! They were so... happy.

    Don't you wish we could always live on those fumes? To always have our eyes so open, to always see so clearly what is before us? Why, why, why (stomp foot) am I so obsessed with myself some days??? I miss all of THAT.

    I had one of those happy days today, too... my little Jack says I am his "fiance." Of course I am, baby. ;) Some days you wonder, "...but who will I be when you're gone?"

    Glad to hear all is right in your world today.


  9. Glad your hubby is home. Love the pictures ofyour daughter! What a cutie!

  10. Welcome home Al! I loved your description of coking the pamcakes. I can just see the smile on Beans face.

  11. By definition, I'm not a lurker, bcs I've commented before. Not often. Just before. Sorry. I read you frequently and enjoy the wit and giggles.

    Your girlie's hair is ADORABLE! Oh my! I wouldn't be able to resist giving her whatever she wanted...Pampcakes included.

  12. i love me some pampakes too!

    enjoy your complete family now.


  13. Well haven't ya'll just had a Big Day? You are such a good mama. I bet the Pamcakes were even sweeter because of the assitance of Bean.

    Hope your weekend is full of much family sweetness!

  14. Aw, I'm glad Bean was able to cook some pamcakes with mommy...hey, maybe I should adopt that name for mine, get it?!

  15. Yay!! The Daddy is home and all is right with the world. Feels good, don't it?

    Have a blast my Friend.

  16. I love her crazy morning hair! She's just too darned cute.

  17. She looks like so much fun--I could see her getting together with my Lily and having a bunch of fun together :)

    And me? I got some extra sleep too, it's amazing how that perks things up.





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