Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh Well, He's Gonna Think All the Men in Her Life Are Dogs, Anyway

Every evening around dinnertime, we hear the tell-tale grind of the garage door opening and Bean squeals with delight Daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Daddy's home!, flings whatever she has in her hands to the floor and charges with wild abandon to the back door to flap it wide open and rush out to help Daddy get out of the car and into the house. He hands her his travel mug from the morning commute so she can bring it inside to me to put in the dishwasher, gets all his gritty gradoo out of the trunk and they walk inside together, sometimes holding hands and sometimes with Bean in Daddy's arms. Bean then announces with glee, Mama! Wook who I foun'! It's Daddeeeeeeeee! and I then feign dramatic surprise and swoon as he pops his head around the corner like a Jack-in-the-Box. After that, Bean and I tussle for the First Kiss from Daddy, and somehow, she's victorious EVERY TIME. We've been enacting some variation of this routine every week night since we moved here nearly 18 months ago. It's how we DO Daddy's homecoming.

Two days ago, though, I'd stumbled upon an episode of a new-to-us show, Kipper on Sprout® (Oh he is so CUTE! Have you seen this puppy? I don't think I'd even mind cleaning up all the little cartoon poopies if I could have a sweet little lovey-eyed puppy with a British accent!) and fired it up for Bean to divert her from her determination to help me cut up fresh tomatoes for the StewedDamatersCornandOkra because? Have you ever had a toddler with a serrated plastic knife stand beside you and help cut up fresh ripe tomatoes had your entire body from the waist down completely slathered in fresh tomato guts, seeds and juice? NO? Why on earth not?

So Tuesday evening Miss Bean, coaxed from her position as sous-chef by Kipper-the-dog and a handful of Snyders of Hanover Butter Snaps®, lay snuggled on the sofa, completely engrossed in and cooing over the clever and polite exploits of her new canine hero when I heard the familiar garage-door hum and moved out of the way to wait expectantly for first notes of the Customary Greeting Ceremony to sound.

But there was only silence.

Bean? I hear the garage door!! Guess who's home?!




Don't werry, iss jus' Daddy, Mama. He knows howda get inside all by his little self now. We can jus' see him when he comes inside. I'm watchin' dis puppy.

Poor Daddy. If I hadn't gone out to get him, I think he'd still be sitting in that car waiting for his little welcoming committee.

Hey, at least this time I got the First Kiss!


  1. Aaahh . . . poor Daddy! My daughter did the same thing when she was watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

  2. There have been a few nights where Princess was watching her beloved Elmo when I got home. I was lucky if I could even get her to say "Hi Mom".

  3. Do you know how much I LOVE her?! She's so smart and funny and adorable, she always says the best things. Or maybe it is the way you write what she says. Either way, I end up smiling whenever you write about her. :)

  4. GAH! That "j" was me. For some reason I hit the space bar and for some reason that posted my comment before I could finish typing my name!

  5. Yes, we've experienced this too! One day, it just stops. Just yesterday, I think it was probably 20 minutes before Emily could tear herself away from High School Musical 2 before she even came up to give her Daddy a hug and kiss.

    And it's true, my 3 year old is totally infatuated with the High School Musical movies. What is it with them?

  6. Her phraseology is so cute I bet Daddy got over his disappointment! Our current Welcome Home game involves Chewbacca running and hiding when he hears the key in the door. Maybe I shouldn't use the phrase, "wait 'til your Daddy gets home" so loosely....

  7. Oh the joys of a little cutie pie!

    Now that we have a face with the speech, it is just that much cuter.

    Better him to lose her heart to a cartoon puppy, than to a boy in her pre-school, or, God forbid, someday a pimple-faced actual real-life boy!

  8. I remember the days of little girls flying to the garage, pigatils flying, voices squealing... pretty much, it's just the one little boy now, the girls are much more sedated, but still happy when Daddy is home (ALL of them, including me!).
    And Kipper is one of my faves, too. He's QUIET. Like Little Bear. And Pooh. And Mr. Rogers.

    AND I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. I have only had one UT infection/bladder infection. It was worse than childbirth! Oh, my goodness, the misery... and yes, I know what you mean. Next stage - antibiotic miseries. Ugh. Hope it's over SOON!

  9. They grow up so fast. Gracie had been ignoring her daddy for some reason a while back. One day he pulled into the drive and Gracie ran to him with her arms open. Chuck was so happy that his little girl was running to see him. He bent down to pick her up but just as she got within reach, she darted to the side and slipped away from him... laughing at herself. I, of course, busted out laughing too. Daddy didnt think it was very funny.

  10. Poor sweet Daddy.
    I have to remember to time the turning off of the television correctly so Daddy doesn't get greeted by glassy-eyed children riveted to the television OR children wailing because Mama turned off the television. It's a finely honed science.
    Kipper is pretty cute.

  11. our garage door used to squeak horribly, that's how we always knew daddy was home.

    we got it fixed recently at it's not so fun now, we can't always tell when he arrives.

  12. T, no one ever wins competing against Elmo.

    Beck, Yeah! Me too, but this time he was EARLY! Which always catches me completely offguard. Thank goodness I'd already put away the bon bons and the People Magazine and at least LOOKED like I was busy! ;)

  13. That is so sad. What was Daddy's reaction? It's all part of growing up I suppose.

  14. I LOVE Kipper. LOVE him. My kids are getting a little old for him but I don't care. He is absolutely precious and I love how he says, "you're SO clever!" I'll sit and watch Kipper with Bean anytime. Go git yer kisses...Kipper's on!

  15. Awwww, poor Dad!! But, that story was just so funny. I love reading about the things Bean says, or should I say, I love reading the way you write the things Beans says. “He knows howda get inside all by his little self now.” I am still giggling over that!

  16. Poor Al, way to crush a Daddy's heart! She's so cute though, I'm sure she was quickly forgiven. My kids always met Bob at the door after work too. They used to run and be all excited. They quit the running, but Heather still goes to the door to greet him if she is home.

  17. Oh dear. Was he deflated? He's been replaced. Hopefully this isn't permanent.
    And yes, it's good you finally got the first kiss of the evening.

  18. and testing one two
    check check

  19. Megan to the rescue!! I'm sure Al was delighted to be greeted by his beautiful bride that night. Puppy love..... xoxo Julie

  20. Hey - where are you? I worry about you when you miss a day!
    Check my blog - I've passed on an award to you!

  21. I love Kipper (and the theme song). I'm sorry that it's a break in the routine for Dad but's Kipper.