Wednesday, September 19, 2007

His Side of the Bed Might Be Moving to the Basement

Today's Al's birthday! He's 44. Happy Birthday, Honey Bunny! If you're reading this from the office, (and I know there's no way that you are but I feel it necessary to cover this base anyway before I continue on with my birthday-related drivel post) then get back to work before you ruin the surprise!

I'm at my kitchen counter right now, where I always sit to blog. Behind me, in the family room, shoved behind the post between two archways, sits Al's birthday present. My nemesis. The New Bedroom TV. I shoved it behind that archway because I am loathe to even gaze upon it. I waited until today to buy it, even, and kept hoping something would happen to prevent my having to Do the Deed, pull the trigger on a big-ticket item we've lived without for this long, me very very blissfully, but him somewhat grudgingly, I'll admit.

We have gone round and round, in a friendly, loving, joking manner, of course, ahem, about having a television in the bedroom since we were married. And my stance has always been anti-bedroom TV from the git-go, even though when pressed I've never been 100% sure where my strong opposition found its genesis. And Al has always been pro-bedroom television, because he finds the sleepy bedtime climb up the stairs to our bedchamber to be nearly fatal and is tired of facing a near-death experience on a nightly basis. He envisions us putting the Bean to bed, spending an hour or so in the kitchen side by side at our computers, him studying and writing another stinkin' term paper and me bloggin' and menu-plannin' and family-calendarin' and bill payin' and what have you (shopping on e-Bay, but don't tell him that, okay?) and then retiring to our room to suit up, brush up, and hop in the sack for an hour or so of mind-numbing, pillow-snugging, snooze-inducing viewage of the boob tube.

Which, in theory, would work for me, as the trek up the stairs around tennish is, for me, a stark interruption of the night's deep sleep which begins involuntarily, no matter where I am or what I'm doing, which has proven dangerous and embarrassing at times, yes!, promptly at 8:59 PM on the dot.


There is the little matter of Mama's peaceful and absolutely requisite slumber being interrupted throughout the evening by said television, which will inevitably be of comfort and entertainment to my bedmate for many long hours beyond which I find it so, and which will evenutally lull him to sleep mid-History Channel® expose, Napoleon: The Real Reason He Always Looked So Cranky and Uncomfortable, (though I can't imagine why!) and continue to drone on and on deep into the night, showering both of our sleeping, receptive minds with heaven-only-knows-what subliminal messages until it finally wakes me, at which time I will be forced to rouse myself fully and either stump over to the TV, or prod and otherwise perpetrate fearful retaliation against disturb Al for the remote so I can turn the infernal thing OFF.

And there's the matter of the few paltry weekend mornings we have two or three cozy minutes in bed together before Hurricane Bean alights from her boudoir to scurry into our room and demand that we duly alight alongside her and commence with the parenting and such, which have heretofore been spent in perfect, blissful, refreshing silence but will now, no doubt, give way to the scores on SportsCenter® and what have you. In my BEDROOM. On Saturday mornings.

Oh.. what have I done?

I bought the television because I love Al. And I appreciate him. And this is something he really, REALLY wants. And he works hard, he's completely selfless and adorably eager to give ME what I really want, so I want to do something special that's just for him, regardless of my own preferences, wishes, or paranoid projections of the certain doom we face if we break MY rule and try it his way this time. But it ain't gonna be easy. I'll try not to grimace when he does his Happy Dance, boosting the big, fancy Look--It's-A-New-Fancy-Expensive-Electronic-Man-Gadget above his head, all the way up the stairs to the bedroom. I'll try not to sigh when, as the clock rolls over to 10:03, the new television's still on, and my husband is lying by my side watching it, tears of joy and thanksgiving rolling down his grateful, victorious, albeit drowsy little cheeks.

Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you. Now hand me that stinkin' remote.


What about y'all? Do you have a TV in your bedroom? And why/why not?


  1. We have a tv in our bedroom. Mainly for an extra place the kids can watch movies and play the playstation since they can't play in downstairs.
    I like having noise when I go to sleep, and since the hubby doesn't, a radio was out of the question. The tv we have has a sleep timer at 10 minuete intervals, so I can set how long I want the noise, roll over and crash. It is lovely to me.

  2. We used to have a tv in the bedroom. Initially it got used a lot (usually by me) but after a while, it just sat there and was never used. In our new place, it is in the spare room, set up for playstation/x-box games (yes my husband is a big kid) or for DVD's for Emily. It also means that when James wants to watch all three Lord of the Rings DVD's in a row (the extended versions!) he can shut himself away in the other room and I don't need to see them! It works out well.

  3. Happy birthday to Al!

    We have a tv in our room, and though I am usually the one to pass out first, my husband usually watches tv in the living room. He will watch it for a while in our room but he keeps it so quiet God only knows how he can hear it. I seriously can't!

    I don't mind it because usually it's sports or the Food Network or something like that we have on. We don't really watch "network" tv per se, and the shows we really like we tivo and are on in the living room only. So there's not a lot of bedroom tv, maybe Letterman for a while and that's that.

    I hope it works out for you!!

  4. We have one, but we never watch it. I know that makes no sense. We hooked it up because sometimes my son likes to watch a Phillies game while I'm watching something of utmost importance, like Survivor. And that's about the only time it gets used. It's an old, dinky thing, so we never watch anything on it. And it sits on the floor. Klassy.

  5. We do have a TV in our room, but rarely use it. It is normally on until the news is over maybe once or twice a week--tops. Honestly it's kind of a waste.

  6. Aw, that's sweet of you.
    There shall be no tv in any bedrooms at my house though, by cracky. Because of everything you said.
    Which makes it even sweeter of you. Happy birthday to your honey.

  7. We do not have one. I tend to be anti-technology in the bedroom. I don't even want a phone in there. I like it to be a peaceful little sanctuary for sleeping, reading, and...other stuff.

    However, we have had a tv in our bedroom at times during our marriage. It IS fun to snuggle up and watch a movie and fall asleep drooling in hubs' armpit. But I like how the lack of tv helps me relax without a video tranquilizer.

  8. Megan! How thoughtful of you. I'm smiling ear to ear - my prayer is that this mean ole' TV won't be as bad as you think it will be. I do hope you invested in a good one (meaning it will have a sleep timer you can set each night for it to put itself to sleep if your husband fails to stay awake long enough to do so - then hopefully you won't have to wake at all)

    We have a TV in the bedroom and I don't mind it. I'd rather James watch TV in bed with me than leave me alone to fall asleep. He turns it down low and I don't have too much trouble falling asleep - unless I am too interested in what he is watching, that is a problem sometimes. He has been known to turn it to something boring just for me to fall asleep.

  9. We have a tv in the bedroom but it rarely gets turned on, both of us are readers & only manage to read about 2 pages before we slip off to la,la land.

  10. Happy Birthday Al! Don't you think your wife is the best?
    We do have a tv in our room, but we use it because our tastes in tv watching vary. He watches History channel, Sci Fi and things I don't find interesting. I watch TLC and Home and Garden. So - if there is something we want to watch at the same time, one goes to the bedroom to watch. We don't watch it in bed, so don't have the problem of going to sleep and leaving it on.

  11. No TV in our bedroom. Honey and I both like to read before bed and any kind of TV would disturb that for the other person.
    Plus there just isn't enough on TV that we're really interested in watching anymore. Sometime I wonder why we still pay the cable bill.

    Happy Birthday to the really, really lucky Al!

  12. No tv in the bedroom. I hate tv. Anyway. I do have two words for you: sleep timer. Most televisions have them and when we did have a tv in the bedroom (way before we had kids) whenever Kent would start to get tired he would set the sleep timer. Then if he fell asleep with it on, it would turn itself off. And Happy Birthday to Al. :)

  13. No TV in our bedroom. If I had it my way, we wouldn't have a tv at all. When we want to curl up in bed and watch something ... we use our portable dvd player and watch a movie or some episodes of television shows (like Greys Anatomy, Friends, 24, etc.). We just feel like our bedroom is a sacred space.

    However, if my husband felt as strongly as Al seems to, I probably would have made the same decision as you. Yea for you!

  14. No TV in our room...but for some reason I'm the one that would love it and Hubs just isn't too into it. I usually go to bed before him and I love curling up in bed to watch a movie. I refuse to fall asleep with the TV on though...that doesn't float my boat, but I like being in my covers with my pillow while watching a good chick flick. I know some families that use the TV in their room to occupy kiddos while they get showered and cleaned...I could see it working in the future when he might sit still and watch 30 minutes of TV. Right now...not gonna happen! Good luck with your new bedroom companion! :-)

  15. I tried to comment last night but the kids wouldn't let me.
    We have a tv in our bedroom. I was opposed to it at first but with 4 kids it comes in handy.
    When we remodled my Hubby wanted to put a tv in the bathroom. I put my foot down on that one. He likes to soak in the tub in the morning and watch the news. He worked so hard on remodling the house that I finally told him he could put one in there. To my surprise he declined. Now he just adjusts the tv in the bedroom so he can see it from the tub

  16. We have a tv in our bedroom. We both like to fall asleep with it on. My husband actually watches it more than I do because I am usually asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

  17. We have a TV, much to my disliking. Though, you know, it's me who watches it most before bedtime. It is handy with different tastes in viewing, but that's why we have digital recording. But you know, when that TV goes kaput, that's all she wrote--I won't be replacing it! Cause by then the daughters will be old enough to want one and no way! So I'd like to comply to the same rules.
    Completely understand your feelings; you are a kind wife! Enjoy!

  18. i'm anti-TV ... and thankfully my man is even more ANTI than me!

  19. We do have a TV in the bedroom and I hate it! Mostly because the clickclickclicking of the PS3 controller into the wee hours makes this already sleep-deprived mama contemplate violence. Al doesn't seem like the gaming type, so hopefully you're in the clear. Learn how to use the sleep timer ASAP. You are a Good Wife :)

  20. Happy Birthday, Al!

    Yes, we have a tv in the bedroom. It is connected to the cable though. Really, it is just so that the laundry gets folded: I can watch every Judge _________ (whichever is on at that time) show while I fold the laundry. Otherwise, the laundry never ever ever gets folded.

    So really, it is for the good of our family that we have a tv in the room.

    Also, hubby has is playstation connected to he can play that while I read, or we can use it as a DVD player.

    You may hate it now, but you'll be crazy in love with it before you know it!!1


  21. We have a tv in our bedroom. Hubby and I like to snuggle up and watch it after the kids are in bed. It's not so bad . . . really! Just make sure he KNOWS when to turn it off ;-)

  22. Well, I put my foot down for the first five yrs of our marriage, but then I caved in and we got one... and I must say, I have watched it more than he has... usually when I'm folding laundry on our bed in the afternoon or if dear daughter has her movie in and I want some mommy-hgtv time, I'll go in and watch it. Hubby doesn't really like watching tv in bed, so the whole Sat morning/late night tv in bed thing doesn't happen w/ us. If he's got it on, it's b/c he's hiding out playing playstation :-)

  23. No TV in the boudoir -- for the same reasons as jj_west. The bedroom should be sacred for sleeping, and snuggling, and reading and doing SuDoKu together. (Romantic, I know). TV brings enough not-so-healthy images into our lives...I don't need to bring those into the bedroom, too!
    Good luck with it!

  24. You know what it's good for? Sickness. When I'm sick, I lock the door, and watch tv. (ours is just an old vcr player/monitor, though) I can't go downstairs when I'm sick and lay there while the kids climb on me, ask me for food, and generally bug me. ALSO, when the KIDS are sick, it's great for quarantining purposes! I haven't used it otherwise. I prefer reading. John falls asleep in about 30 seconds.

  25. Nope, no tv. We don't even have cable. Mostly because we're both too busy staring at computer screens all day long. No, seriously I do me a good movie but tv isn't my thing really.

  26. No TV in our bedroom, and our kids won't have one in theirs either. It would be fine with me if we didn't have any TV at all in our house. My husband really likes TV, though, and has to have it on all the time, even if he isn't watching it. I know it isn't good for the kids, and they have gotten used to watching way to much TV. You have to do what works best for the harmony of your relationship, though. Hope it is everything Al hoped it would be.

  27. Thanks for all the laughter you create in bloggy land! Come on over and receive your Friday Fuzzy!

  28. We have one in our bedroom and I both hate it and love it. Sometimes it is so nice to just lie in bed and watch TV all snuggled up under the covers. Sometimes, it is very much a third person in the bedroom, providing a big distraction and I can not sleep with it on so I have to get mean sometimes which is never fun just to get it turned off. But for the most part, it is fine and I think you did great and he will be sooooooo happy with it! You done good, gal!

    Heather and Cami

  29. Yes. YES. We have the TV in our bedroom. It's for me. Hubby is like you ... it keeps him awake. I fall asleep with it on and he has to wake up in the middle night to turn it off ... AND IT DRIVES HIM NUTS!!!

    However, I have an extremely difficult time falling asleep without it.

    Good luck ... wonder if you are laying watching TV right now. I know I'm close to being on my way up as soon as the kids are asleep. ;)

  30. Nope. But my hubs watches shows on his video iPod before he falls asleep--much, much earlier than me. Despite the hen metaphor, I'm really a night owl....awww, shush your groans, everyone!

    Happy Birthday to Al!