Thursday, September 6, 2007

Every Time a Doorbell Rings, A Neighbor Gets Her Blog

Well Di-i-ing Dong!

My sweet neighbor Nicki just started her own blog, y'all! And I can tell you from many many happy hours spent in her company and that of her Four Boys that she's going to have some hilARious stories to tell on said blog. So go ahead on over and say hello and then get her set up in your Google Reader or your bloggy feeds or whatever and sit back and watch her crazy busy but supremely organized and tidy life unfold before you. You're going to love her and her family as much as I do! Oh! And I would be completely remiss should I neglect to tell you that although Nicki's not the least little bit Southern, she's still one of the very most hospitable people I've ever known. And (conspiratorially) I caught her saying y'all yesterday. If two and two still = four, then just those two facts alone should tell you that Neighbor Nicki = Good People.

Meanwhile across the street, evil illness has taken aholt' of the two female residents of FriedOkra Manor. Bean's got a little cold (her first in probably 5 months, though, so she was maybe overdue by a little) and I woke up last night feeling that tell-tale ache of a brewing bladder infection. Fun times. We summoned the energy this morning to get out the house for a little fun (tell you about that later), but now we're holed up inside for the afternoon watching a Pooh movie, eatin' popcorn, and drinking our juices of choice - hers orange and mine cranberry (blargh!). Hopefully we'll have nipped all this viral/bacterial ickiness in the bud and be back tomorrow on HIGH.


  1. Ack! Hate hate hate bladder infections. I've been known to hoard the Pyridium and suffer through the first two days in case I can't get a nice doctor to call it in for me next time! Hope it's a false alarm!

  2. I wondered where you were today. You know I need my daily Okra fix! You have a good excuse though. Hope you and Bean are back to normal real quick. (In the meantime I'll check out Nicki's blog. Keep drinking that juice. :)

  3. Ack! A sick baby AND a bladder infection? Poor you guys!
    The Baby had her first cold within a WEEK of her birth. That was just miserable.

  4. Oh no . . . I told you stand back away from the monitor! Sorry!

    Hope you all are feeling better soon. Get some rest!

  5. Cool ... looks like I've stumbled upon two great blogs. Yours ... and your neighbor's. :)

    I'm feeling so lucky ... maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.

    I've enjoyed reading through your blog and look forward to visiting again.

  6. The females in this household have colds too! I looooove cranberry juice. :) Of course, I would rather have it because I like it than because I need it.

  7. Ohhh, so sorry to hear you both are sick! Take care of yourselves, now...

    Off to visit your neighbor--


  8. Thanks! I loved the title of this post! On the other hand, I hope it wasn't Bubba that got Bean sick. He was up sick with a cold and cough most of last night. Hope y'all (he he)feel better tomorrow.

  9. My dear Fried Okra's
    not feeling so hot
    A bad infection
    I hope it's not

    And little Bean
    is feeling blue
    I'm so sorry
    That she's sick, too

    My chickies need
    To get some rest
    This southern gal
    Sends you her best!

  10. The bladder's better
    My poetic friend!
    Thanks to the Cystex®
    I keep on hand.

    And Bean's okay too
    You can't keep 'er down
    She's snotty
    But still runnin' around.

    We'll rest, indeed
    As you prescribe
    But we can't spend
    A whole day inside!

    For we'd get stircrazy
    You know we would
    And two stircrazy chicks
    In one house? Not good!

    Hugs to you
    For the well-wishes
    Must go get dressed
    And do the dishes.

  11. Well, it's no cure for the common cold, but hopefully a bloggy award will make you feel better!

    Love your blog!

  12. Megan - did you happen to get my password info? I e.mailed it to you a couple weeks ago. Sorry I haven't been commenting much! I was at my parents', kind of on "vacation" and didn't spend *much* time on the computer. I hope all is well. I have so much catching up to do on your blog. All of your content is coming together so beautifully! I really think you've found your spot! :)

  13. Sorry you are under the weather. I think a Cook Book will make your day. Keep your eye out!!