Wednesday, September 5, 2007

And [Every]one Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doo-oors...

Y'all probably aren't even old enough to recognize those lyrics, are you? Well, most of you, anyway. Mom, are you singing?

I must say that I am absolutely Pickled. Tink. about the responses from ya'll to my last post declaring September New Jeans Month. I knew y'all would have some good ideas! Maybe one of you be able will save my derriere from certain frostbite this winter! I hope you will also go take a look at everyone else's suggestions, too, so we can all look smart and fabulous together!

Now that we're well on our way to resolving the issue of junk in my trunk, it follows we'll move on to the junk in my kitchen cabinets. What, you don't see how that follows?

Okay it doesn't really follow, but my beautiful new friend Jennifer from Gathering Grace showed us her cabinets this morning and she innocently asked her readers to show theirs. ApPARently, a lot of Jennifer's readers, bless their sweet hearts, have something to hide, because they all flatly refused the invitation! But here at Fried Okra Manor? Our cabinets are an open book! Take a look:

Here's the hot beverage station in the cabinet directly to the right of the stove top, where the teapot hangs out. Directly under this cabinet you'll find the coffee-maker and the espresso machine which hasn't been used since we un-dink-ified ourselves back in October of '04.

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Next are the plates and serving pieces (minus the trays that are in a bottom cabinet I'm not showing today because you're already going to be bored to tears looking at the top cabinets and you really haven't done a thing to deserve such a punishment anyway) and the crockpots on the top shelf which need to be moved somewhere because Al has a duck fit every time I climb up on the counter to get them down. I think he must be completely mystified that I was able to survive life before him... since I'm apparently the Evel Knievel of Huswifery, Without A Helmet and all.

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Next door to the plates live the bowls. I think you've gathered that we here at Fried Okra Manor promote integration where ever possible, but when The Plates and The Bowls started getting tattoos and sporting red and blue bandannas, we thought it best to separate them. The graffiti remains a problem however.

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Next come the drinking glasses and our ever-growing assortment of vitamins and dietary supplements. And the requisite cache of sippy cups. We have forty-leven sippy cups because it has taken us 2 years of constant experimentation to find a brand and style that work and don't require you to have an engineering degree to take them apart and put them back together.

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Follwed by the barware. Such as it is. We don't drink all that much but we have an occasional glass of wine or snifter of something. Mostly because we love the word snifter. And we feel very cultured when we sip from our snifters. Makes us want to buy a couple of wing back chairs and watch Mah-stah-piece Thay-ah-tah from them. Daaaaaaaahling.

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And this photo is JUST for Jennifer, because my love, I feel your pain when it comes to the Tupperware® conundrum. Many years have I struggled to keep my storage containers all sorted and balanced and organized. Many long and painful years. But now. I have made peace with my plastic. Our new house has a cabinet unit that is one shallow drawer and two very deep, very wide drawers. The bottom drawer? Tupperware® Territory:

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And as a bonus. BONUS BONUS BONUS! The shallow drawer. Spices galore, all visible and confined and cozy. In my previous assorted abodes I'd always succumbed to my mother's promptings to display my seasonings on two Lazy Susans side by side in a high cabinet (But 'lazy' is a four letter word in my family so we always called 'em go 'rounds). This really never seemed quite right for me, location or organization-wise. (I hasten to add that I am not casting aspersions on the go 'round at all, Mom!) so when we moved into this house I was determined to bring the herbs and spices down to my level so I could get to them without untucking my shirt and going cross-eyed. (It's the little things, people.) And here's what I was able to perpetrate:

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Yes! Angels DO sing whenever I open that drawer. How did you know? Tee hee.

So there you are Jennifer, dear. My kitchen cabinets out there in front of God and everybody! Who loves you, baby?


  1. Well - I am just a little disgusted. Those cabinets are entirely too neat and organized. And if that isn't enough - You have empty shelfs!!! I am soo jealous. I have a little kitchen, with cabinets that are not as tall as yours and they are filled. I may join this challenge, just to show you what lurks behind my doors!

  2. Wow, so neat, so tidy. Is it weird that I find the sight of lovely neat cupboards so satisfying? We have just moved and at the moment I am in the process of trying to decide where everything goes in the new cupboards. There is not enough cupboard space for my liking, so I am having to be creative in my placement. Needless to say, there will be no photos of my cupboards just yet! Yours totally put mine to shame. And your tupperware drawer and especially the spice drawer are works of art!

  3. So very clean and uncluttered. Bravo! I have so much stuff crammed into my cabinets that I take cover when I open one up!
    I am convinced a bachelor designed our house. Because he has NO clue that real families need cabinets and closets. Lots of windows and vaulted ceilings are great, but gimme some storage space, man!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love it! Your food storage containers are in the same place as mine. My spice solution is the spice rack mounted on the inside of a cabinet door.

  5. Come organize my cupboards. They are a mess.

  6. It is I, who love YOU, baby!!!

    Oh, you know how far you've fallen when you get such joy out of CABINETRY. Ah, the pleasure of looking at rows and stacks of lovely colored dishes, spices, and yes, tupperware, all gloriously organized and tucked away. "Beautiful, beautiful, wish you were here!" Maybe one day I will travel, see the sights of Italy and France in all their glory... but until then, pictures of CABINETRY will do me well.

    Love the colors, love the ideas. Love you for being so compliant to my wishes! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you...
    And by the way,
    My new favorite word is, "forty-leven."
    Your "beautiful friend,"

  7. Just had to pop over for a moment. Look at everything so neat and organized. I'll have to take my pics when I'm feeling better. Just wanted to tell ya that it looks great! And empty shelves too! Wow!

  8. Ahhhh...nothing quite satisfying as beautiful, neatly organized...well, anything! *Love* the cupboards, and the spices are to die for! I'm just OCD enough that I wouldn't be able to handle having my spices on their side though. Jk. About the OCD, not the on-their-side-spices.* This topic of cupboards does give me pause to actually consider what I would want if I could change anything around in my cupboards though. Hummmmm.

    Now, about men designing things. WHY do they never consult the women!? Wouldn't it be easier for them to consult us in the first place when building the darn things than to deal with us having them renovate the item/room in question to make it functional? Seriously, who makes these corner kitchen cupboards where things crawl to die slow, painful and forgotten deaths? I'd go for round walls on things just to equalize the space, but...well, there are some good things about corners. My dish rack does fit mighty nicely in that there corner.

    Ah, you inspire me Megan. Your blog, your honesty, your humor. That is rare, and I bless you for it! (I mean, I ask the Lord to bless you for it. Ain't much I can bless you by, but He sure does have a mighty big...well, something...of blessings He could pour on you. Wonder what He keeps blessings in anyhow?)

    Forty-leven and tattooed bowls. Sakes alive my gut is aching!

    (*Disclaimer: No diss meant as I do actually suffer from a mental illness, just not that one. God bless us, if we can't poke some fun and laugh at ourselves, what hope do we have of surviving the struggles?)

  9. You have GINORMOUS cabinets... all that space! I'm jealous. We have the same crockpot.

  10. Oooh. Aaahh. Better than watching a 4th of July fireworks show. I love your organization skills...your taste in plates, bowls, and mugs...and I have the same crockpot as you, too!


    I can't even fathom that. Is that normal?