Monday, August 20, 2007

Who's Y'Mama?

Thanks to Allerginpalooza 2007, Al came home a few nights ago with a sinus headache to beat the proverbial Big Brass Band.

Overheard after dinner:

Megan: Honey go lie down now, please. I'll clean up the kitchen. It's MY job, you know.

Al: I'm gonna help you then lie down.

M: I appreciate your wanting to help but you need to take care of yourself so you don't get sick. I'll do this. There's not much to do, really.


M: The staff at your office is gonna be very confused when I show up to do YOUR job next week, don't you think?

A: Come on ahead and do it! Please!

M: I don't know why you have to be so stubborn.

A: Learned it from the pro! (Looks at me.)

Bean: No!! BE NICE!

M: We're just kidding with one another, baby. Daddy and Mama aren't mad or fighting.

Bean: NO. Stop it! (Takes Al's hand) Daddy, yoooou're the Daddy. And dass Mama. Daddy wess go wie down agedder and wet Mama do HER WORK. Come oooon. Be nice and don't be meana each udder. Dass NOT! NICE!

And she drags Daddy over to the sofa and helps him lie down, gets her doctor kit and starts working on him, while I finish the dishes.

It's helpful to have strong reinforcements in situations like these.


  1. If only children would be so encouraging to allow us to lie down. That would never happen in my house, either way.

  2. All set for yo mama?

    I hope Al is feeling all betta.

    I hope you and your parents have a wonderful time together!

  3. Bean is just too cute! I can imagine her with a little stethiscope checking out Al while you chuckle under your breath in the kitchen.

    And it proves that kids really don't like to see the people they love arguing... even if it isn't serious.

  4. How precious!!

    Now, the next step in the training is to get her to make you sit and watch tv while SHE does the dishes.

    She should have that down by 4 at least.


  5. I always wonder how so much cuteness can be stuffed into such small packages!


  6. How sweet are they BOTH? You are a very lucky woman. And I know that you know that. ♥

  7. That Bean is just so cute - and she has a good heart. Sounds like her dad does too!

  8. Oh, that's so cute. Your wee Bean is just so so lovely!

  9. Ah, yes... Roles should NEVER be reversed in the minds of the young. FWIW, Hubbers LOVES it when the kids "fix" him with tools.

  10. Everybody say "Awww"!

    Don't ya just love what comes out of those little mouths?!

    Every once in a while, 1, 2. or all 3 of mine will rub my back if I'm having a bad day :-)

  11. Haha! That's so cute! I hope your lovey is feeling better! It's great that you found me! I found that you can change your URL with a click of a button, but (DUH) I didn't realize it would change the URL I mean, I thought if someone still typed in the old one, it would redirect. I guess not!