Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Two of my new bloggy friends, Megan (SortaCrunchy) and Karla (Looking Towards Heaven) have tiny new babies due to arrive practically momentarily (Karla may already have delivered, even.) The excitement of these pending births has me reminiscing about the latter days of my pregnancy with Bean. I loved every moment of those 40 weeks and I would go back and do them over again in a heartbeat. IN A HEARTBEAT! Every day was so special to me. When I think back to what my Bean was like even in my womb, I realize she was then who she is now in so very many ways. Her gentle, easy personality shone through even before her birth. I'm so thankful I took the time to write about my pregnancy in an online diary. Here's what I wrote three years ago today, August 28th. I was about seven weeks away from the beautiful day my Bean arrived.

Where does the time go? I try so hard to stay on top of this diary, but weeks go by in minutes, and I find myself so behind I can't even remember what I need to write about. Maybe I can chalk it up to the deadly combination of pregnancy-induced exhaustion, which turns quickly into laziness and immobility, and just plain hormonal dain bramage.

But what I do remember and want to document fall under these general headings: 1) Baby Showers are little slices of heaven, 2) the little one’s nursery's destined to be the most gloriously perfect nursery ever in the history of babies, and 3) waiting for one’s due date in a 40 week pregnancy is a lot like growing out one's bangs.

Point Number One:

My friend Marie and her mom hosted the single most adorable and memorable baby shower ever for this tiny person – and my girlhood friends and their moms are still THE SWEETEST AND MOST AMAZING GROUP OF WOMEN YOU COULD FIND ANYWHERE. We had such a wonderful time – I got so much great advice (Moms love Huggies, Floppy Seats, onesies, toys that can be attached to babies with pacifier holders, and zippered sleepers!) and a carload of useful and practical gifts. The shower theme was pink and green polka dots, and the cake even had polka dots done in shades of pink and green cut out of fondant. The theme carried thru everything, right down to the paper Angie on which wrote out the gift list(it was hilariously funny and fabulously descriptive - Angie does love to editorialize!) My mom, Gee Gee, my Aunt Joy, my cousin Cary and my niece (well she's another cousin, but more accurately described as a niece) Lila also joined us, and of course having them all there made it even more fun. Also, my sister in law, Charlotte (Al’s brother’s wife) and her friend whose name is also Charlotte drove from, you guessed it, Charlotte(!), to be there, so we even had representation from his side of our amazingly loving family! Everyone was so sweet and complimentary of my little belly and of course said all of the right things, You look beautiful! You haven’t gained weight anywhere else except in your tummy! so I floated on air the whole day and for several days afterwards.

Sometimes I wonder why God is so good to me and surrounds me with so many wonderful, loving people. I will never forget the day – and I hope I’ll be able to remember and accurately describe what it meant to me and how beautiful it was for this little one when she's old enough to hear about it.

Point Number Two:

Mom finished the pink toile window treatment for the nursery, and the matching table cover and the pillows. Everything's in the room now and looking gorgeous. I simply cannot wait for everyone in the world to come see this room – I’m so proud of it and so thrilled by all of the history and personalized touches we've incorporated – so many people in the little one’s life have contributed to this, her first little bedroom. Almost everything in it has a connection to the past and to a member of our family or one of our dear friends. This baby will be surrounded by meaningful memories - from the crib to the rugs to the pictures of Nana as a baby to the new, custom-made window treatment, there’s a loving investment made just for her. She's one lucky little baby. The best part is that it all GOES together beautifully, and the room is just breathtaking.

Point Number Three:

My body is logging some serious progress these weeks. Belly growth has hit hyperdrive (I assume that means baby-growth is equally as breakneckish) and my belly button is this eensy weensy little star now. I expect by the end of this week it will cease to exist until the little one arrives. My chest is also back to its aching and itching as if it has more surprises in store for me. Sheer exhaustion generally sets in within two to three hours after I wake up, and my hair is very shiny and healthy but has no body, won’t hold curl, and grows so fast I can almost hear it. I have very little swelling, no varicose veins, no unpleasant gastrointestinal irritations other than a decreased appetite and wicked heartburn. My hips tend to hurt, mostly the left one, but right now that just comes and goes and isn't severe at all. I still love being pregnant. I love feeling the baby move. I love seeing the curve of my belly stretch and morph as Bean changes position; I love her tiny little hiccups and her bubbly enthusiasm over anything I eat or drink. I cherish having her so close to me that we are intimately aware of each others’ movements and moods. I feel so blessed to be keeping her safe and cozy, and I'm honored to be the one to love her enough to share my body with her. She's been the best roommate a Mom could ask for.

I adore that Al is her Daddy and he's so excited and loving and funny and attached to her, and so reassuring and sweet and perfect with me in my latter-pregnancy body-gone-bonkers stage. All of that notwithstanding, I AM GETTING SO IMPATIENT TO EXPERIENCE BIRTH AND SEE MY LITTLE ONE AND HOLD HER AND CARE FOR HER VOLUNTARILY AND FEED HER AND KISS HER LITTLE FACE AND FEEL HER LITTLE FINGERS WRAP AROUND MINE. I am so anxious to sit in the little pink rocking chair and just drink her in while she nurses. To sing her songs, cry tears of joy over her, share her with Al and everyone else who already loves her and see her grow to love them!

And I still have two more months almost to wait! How will I ever do it?? How how how?

Hugs and kisses to you both, Megan and Karla, and to your precious new little ones.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of all the joys of pregnancy. You seem to forget about it all too fast as you live the day to day with your little ones. All those precious memories!

  2. I enjoyed pregnancy also. (at least up until the end) I think it is great that you wrote these things down. What a precious thing to pass on to Bean!

  3. Hard to believe that it was 3 years ago! But then again it is - with the girls starting 4 -year kindergarten yesterday and Reece starting 2nd grade last week.

    Trust me when I say TIME. GOES. SO. FAST!

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, Megan, I loved reading this. The timing is so perfect as I'm wondering about this little baby we'll be adopting that is going to be born in 2 months time. I so wish I could feel all the pregnancy things that you described, but I'm still happy as ever that God has planned things in another beautiful way for us. Yay, babies! I can't wait!

  6. Aww, that's so neat. I wish I'd done that.

  7. This entry hit me right in the center tonight. Just before I got online I was thinking about how big Aishy has gotten and how I'll likely never have a baby. I really enjoyed being pregnant with her and it makes me sad that I won't get to experience it again. So now I'm crying like a baby. Sigh. You and Lerin do that to me all the time! Tsk tsk! :) Such a sweet entry. I loved it the second time as much as the first! ♥

  8. I think I may be the only commenter who was profoundly relieved to give birth and have my pregnancies over. I had constant contractions beginning at 5 months with my first and 3 months with my second. I never went into preterm labor, but it really stressed me out worrying about it. Imagine timing contractions every day for months! The only way to keep the contractions under control was to drink TONS of water and lay down a lot.

    Still, I am thankful for the opportunity to have carried my children, and you beautifully wrote what I wish was my attitude toward it. You should have another!

  9. How is it that I can always count on you to get me all teary-eyed? I wish so badly I had recorded with such beauty and elegance the things I have thought in each pregnancy.

    The last days of pregnancy are exactly like growing out your bangs - EXACTLY. That's perfect.