Monday, August 27, 2007

New Beginnings

Monday. My parents left over 24 hours ago. I've vaccuumed all the floors and washed all the sheets, remade all the beds, finished the family laundry, had a good night's sleep and a productive morning and I'm sitting here at my quiet kitchen counter praying for a funny story to tell you. I've missed spinning my yarns for you.

But none of today's best stories are mine for the telling.

The local schools started back today. The neighborhood kids climbed on buses, new jeans, new backpacks, new teachers, new friends. All day I've heard the buses roll past my windows and the sound of happy children on the playground floats to me on the crisp pre-autumn breeze.

Al started his new job today, too. I am thankful he's found something so perfect for him. Thankful to see him happy and hopeful and himself again. There's a part of me that wishes we could embark on this new journey together. He's still my hero.

My cherished friend called me this afternoon. She's in love with her husband for the first time. Just like that, literally overnight, He has worked a miracle in her heart. In their hearts. The joy in her voice astounds me.

None of these beginnings belongs to me, but the rest of each story will unfold before my eyes in the days to come.

And I am on the very edge of my seat, God.


  1. Wow! Although not the means for a humorous story, your day sounds great. Praise God for new beginnings!

  2. Amen Sarah! Wow, Megan, I'm impressed. It normally takes me a full week to get my house back in order after having a house guest. Good for you!

  3. Glad you're feeling better about getting your house back to normal. Hope Al had a great first day!

  4. What a beautiful day. And this"
    "He has worked a miracle in her heart."
    made me tear up. Beautiful!

  5. Megan. You truly have a gift with words. He has given you the ability to express yourself so beautifully. I'd love to have that gift too. xoxo Julie

  6. Beautifully said.

    I'll be back for more okra...:-)

  7. Sounds like you got a front row seat to a beautiful day.

  8. Not exactly burnin' up the blogwaves yet, but you certainly accomplished a lot of housecleaning! Come and do mine next!

  9. Thoughtful post! Gave me an idea for a GOYB--Company's Coming: The Aftermath! Enjoy your pumpkin--she'll be on one of those buses too soon!