Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Stars, It's Hard to Type with These Rubber Gloves On

Tomorrow at approximately TWELVE HUNDRED HOURS we'll be arriving at the airport to pick up Bean's Nana and Poppa, my Mom and Dad, who're flying up here all the way from South Cackalacky, my native land. They'll be here viz'tin' us for a week. (No, that's NOT my teeth chattering. It IS NOT. What twitch? NO. I have something in my eye for Pete's sake!) (Oh, I'm kidding, MOTHER!) We've been polishing and cleaning and scrubbing and dabbing at little bits of scuzz we've discovered stuck on the shiny surfaces with spitty fingertips for three days now... I don't suppose it surprises any of you that in the days leading up to a visit from my mother, I morph from the mild-mannered if slightly muddle-headed Megan to a maniacally-cleaning-and-fretting nut-job. We all do that. We do too. Yes, we do!

My Dad's coming too. Would you believe that here I am less than a month shy of 40 years old, been out of my parents house for nearly 20 years, and this is the FIRST TIME my Dad will be actually bunking up under MY roof? Is that some kinda record? My neighbor, friend and hairdresser's Dad LIVES with her. Right there in her house. With her. OH. MY. GRANNY! Whenever I ask her how that's going, she just sorta puts up a hand, turns her head away, closes her eyes, and sputters.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for sharing the homestead with the paternal unit.

I'm a little skeert.

But let me get back to why I'm sharing this oh-so-vital nugget of information. I just long for you to know and understand what's going on here at FriedOkra Manor for the next several days, so that should you find yourself growing restless and bored with the upcoming week's worth of bloggy offerings, you will apply leniency as you toy with the idea of deleting me from your blogrolls and feeds and Google Readers, etc.

I'm going to TRY to keep things interesting with a Things About My Mom list and a Snippet here and there, but I may get quiet a day or two because my Mom? Will keep you slap-crazy-busy, people. (You'll get a glimpse of what I mean when you read the list.) SERIOUSLY. So just hang on in there with me and I'll be back full-tilt in a week, okay? Okay.

And now I have to go Brillo® the inside of the oven door.


  1. For crying out loud, take the rubber gloves OFF before you type. Mr. Clean is bad for your keyboard. Be thou not skeert, although I must confess concern over folks who think they live in South Cackalacky....

  2. Again I say it - you are too funny. I am laughing out loud over here. However, I am laughing with you, not at you. I also tend to morph into a maniac when recieving certain guests. My kids used to try to stay away or hide when I began to get frenzied. If all else fails use the adorable Bean to distract them! Good Luck!

  3. I hope your mother realizes just how much you care about her opinion. You are so thoughtful, Megan. Such a caring soul. Your family is blessed to have someone like you in their lives. I hope they know that, and I hope they try to love you as much as you love them.

  4. How on EARTH have you managed this to be the first time??

    I THINK that just my mom is coming for this baby's birth and I am thrilled beyond thrilled! Yes, I love my dad, but this is going to be a long visit for her and I think either me or my dad would be forced to stay out on the balcony before it's over.

    I'll be scubbin' and de-scuzzing here in the next day or so...



  5. You've shamed me into action! Mom and Dad are staying with us Right Now and I chose reading blogs over cleaning my bathroom! Gotta go grab a bottle of Windex! Have fun this week!

  6. I clean like that when my in-laws are coming but now my own mom. Of course my own mother only stops by here MAYBE twice a year so. Oh well. I hope you have a good time. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, for sure. ♥

  7. My parents always tell me not to make a fuss about cleaning before they come, but I just can't help it. Have fun with your parents. If they are anything like you, I'm sure ya'll will have a hoot-n-hollerin' good time!

  8. Enjoyyour time with your parents! But I'm with rabbit...take the gloves off next time! :)

  9. Have a great visit. It's impressive that you got all the letters correct in the rubber gloves. I can't even get them right without them.

    No skeertness now...