Sunday, August 12, 2007

In Which We Bid Adieu to the Crib

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It's been two weeks now since we brought home the big gwoo bed and transformed Bean's nursery into toddler paradise. She's taken to her new sleeping arrangements like a Japanese beetle to my brand-new-a-river-birch-co$ts-a-huh? land$caping, although the arrival of the bed coincided with an unfortunate series of loud and frightening nocturnal visits from Mr. Brown (of "Boom Boom Boom Mr. Brown Makes Thunder!" fame), so we did get off to a bit of a rocky start. So far, the only noticeable change to the standard bedtime drill she's made is her desire for us to leave a liddew tiny cwack (which she illustrates for us with her forefinger and thumb in a liddew tiny pinch) in her door when we leave, so she gets some light and can hear us downstairs. We've chosen to accommodate that liddew request.

And I've managed the transition like a Big Gwoo, too. Well, mostly. I only had two little sad/nervous/gaspy moments - one that first night, after I went to tuck Bean in before Al and I went to bed. I'd done my tucking and left a kiss on her cheek and was lying down beside Al when it occurred to me, "We killed our little crib! Dumped it unceremoniously in the cold, dark, lonely basement after it served us unfailingly for three years! I feel like a traitor!" Yeah. Al thought I was a little nuts. And then the next morning, we went to our diner for breakfast and Bean proudly told "Grandma" Terry and "Auntie" Angie about her first night in her new bed, Terry looked at me and said, "And How's MOM doing with that?" My eyes of course chose that moment to well up with tears, and my lip to quiver.

I just feel mostly proud though, of my sweet, beautiful, smart, loving Big Gwoo. But I still remember the burning hot week three years ago in Atlanta that Nana and I spent painting that old crib white and then struggling for hours, with Nana nearly in TEARS, to try to get it reassembled and ready for Bean to come home to, and then how Al waltzed in and had it together in about two seconds flat. And how sweet and perfect the little crib looked with its pink gingham bumper and its bunny rabbit sheet and the bunny mobile nodding jauntily, everything all clean and fresh and welcoming, waiting for my precious baby girl to lay her sweet head down and sleep the sleep of a content little baby. (Which, HA!, by the way.) And all of the times I tucked her into that bed, her all clean, full-bellied and swaddled-up-tight. The many different crazy positions I'd find her in when I checked on her in the night. The mornings I'd go in to get her and catch sight of her sleepy smile grinning at me over the bars. The resounding WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! of her little baby heels on the mattress when she started to fight that second nap, just lying there screeching and cooing and kicking those little feets for forty-five minutes. How she'd lie or sit on the floor almost under the crib for ages, enraptured with the silvery springs and screws that supported the bars. The multitudinous tiny dents on left on the headboard she gnawed while she was teething. I propped my elbows on the wooden side bars of that little crib well over 1,000 times, just to stand and gaze at my precious daughter as her sleeping form rose and fell with her slow, peaceful breathing. I could gaze at her like that for a lifetime and never drink in enough to satisfy myself. Sniffle.

But the new bed has everything a busy, curious toddler finds irresistible. At the foot of it, two doors slide open to reveal a huge cave of under-bed storage she can climb into and hide or play. And of course she's intrigued by the drawers and the cabinet, although those don't seem as interesting to her as that secret hiding place under the bed, yet. Her bed rail temporarily blocks them anyway, when it is down during the daytime. Plenty of time to stash her treasures in there later. If she used them now it'd drive me a little batty me anyway, as the two of us would likely have very different ideas about what belonged in them and how it should all be organized. The girly pink bedding matches the window treatment, table cloth and pillows Nana made for the original nursery. Bean was so excited to bring her friends upstairs last week to see her New Pwincess Woom!

We all three love the fact that we can read bedtime stories lying down in Bean's bed now. Very cozy. And Bean still requires her books in bed with her until she goes to sleep, along with her beloved Katie Kitty and whichever other animal she's bestowed favor upon at bedtime, too. We have to help her pick and choose what stays and what goes, so as to leave room for her own little self.

All in all, a very successful, easy transition for Bean, and a bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter, one for Mama.


  1. Her room is adorable. There's a whole lot more pink than I'll ever see in my house with 3 boys.

  2. She is such a lucky gwoo. Miss you two.

  3. It is bittersweet watching your kids get older and go through each baby step that leads to adulthood. I can relate to those tears! Beans room is really cute. I love the bed.

  4. It all looks so sweet. It's beautiful!

    But I know that feeling of melancholy.
    Growing up...

  5. I just found your blog this week, and this entry really hit home for me. I am coming to terms that our youngest will be our last... and her third birthday is not so far away. *Sigh*

    Love the bed, though!

  6. What a sweet bed! It is so difficult to pass some of the milestones - but take heart, you are making new and improved memories, mom.

  7. What a sweet bed! It is so difficult to pass some of the milestones - but take heart, you are making new and improved memories, mom.

  8. Aw, you reminded me of feelings I had about my son's crib.

    I love the side table fabric. So cute!

  9. I had a REALLY hard time when we first moved Riley to his own bed. (He was 15 months - it was a toddler bed.) He adjusted much faster than I did, haha. I think all the milestones are so bittersweet, really. It is definitely wonderful that they are growing up (happy and healthy, even!) but it's still very sad when you see the babyhood completely behind them. I STILL cannot believe that she is almost 3. How can that be?!

  10. Okay, now you have me in tears! (not that it takes too much these days)

    Bean's room is DARLING. You two have great taste. ;)

  11. catching up on commenting...

    Love Love Love that sweet room!

    I know that the last time I take down our crib, I'm gonna bawl like a baby. I'm sure it will be worse than any crying that that crib will have seen prior...