Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall. It's the New Spring.

Oh I just have so much to share! It has been such a whirlwind 24 hours, you can't believe it! Hold on, let me refill my coffee cup and I'll be back to tell you ALL about it!


Okay I'm back? Are ya ready for this? Are ya sitting DOWN?

Yeah. No. Nothing's happened. Still. I knew when I started blogging about what came in the mail I was close to the bottom of the barrel, and now? Now I have splinters in my knuckles from the scraping. OH THE SCRAPING. Of the bottom. Of aforementioned barrel.

We finally climbed into the car late yesterday afternoon when Bean got up from a FOUR hour nap (bored much, Bean?) and dragged ourselves to the grocery store, having polished off the Mexican Spaghettiberry Casserole leftovers (I got ZERO requests for that recipe, by the way! Wonders that never cease!) for lunch. And as I clumsily and awkwardly fumbled with the belts to her car seat wondering why this all felt so foreign, I realized that people? It's been five, count 'em FIVE days since Bean and I last left our home. Oh, we've been outside in our front yard. And around the neighborhood for our morning walks and afternoon plays, but the last time we were out of Blankington Lakes subdivision was last Sunday when we went to the airport to redeposit the grandparents.

Is that even healthy?

I don't know what even makes me DO this hermit thing. Do y'all ever do it? Just shut down for days and then wake up finally and think Where have I BEEN?

Do you?

But Bean's little classes and playgroups and stuff will all start back the week after next and we'll get back into a routine that requires us to LEAVE THIS HOUSE and DO THINGS, which both of us will LOVE. And I'll plan my second annual Mama Coffee for the neighborhood ladies. And decorate for Fall. OH HOW I DO LOVE ME SOME CORNSTALKS AND HAY BALES AND PUNKINS! And figger out Bean's Halloween costume. Last year she was a dog. Check this out, y'all. My sweet little pupdawg:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And the year before that, she was a baby Tiger!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'll show you the picture of her FIRST Halloween, when she was a mere 14 days old, closer to her birthday. If I can find one. You know my hard drive crashed recently and ...

Nope, still can't talk about it without crying. Pray for that hard drive people. When I can tell you why without blubbering like a small child, I will.

ANYWAY. The activity is about to pick up again at Fried Okra Manor and I guess the hibernatin' worked, because I'm ready to pick up again, too.

I think Fall is my Spring. Know what I mean?


  1. Oh. My. Word.

    You have to STOP posting pics of that beautiful girl! You know you just make all the moms with ugly kids jealous.

    Not that I'm jealous. Or anything.

  2. OMG - Halloween is a mere 2 months away! If I don't move quickly all of the good costumes will be sold out. ;)

    And those are some really cute pictures of Bean. Pictures of adorable children are always a good substitute when writer's block hits!

  3. Oh I can so relate. I've been on the same tank of gas in my car for the past 3.5 weeks -- now, you know I haven't been far! Just for the necessities.

    I too am looking forward to fall. I like to decorate also. Only, I live in FL and there really is no fall. It's 95 one day and then BOOM! it's 35 the next.

    Love the pictures. She is so adorable!!!

    Can relate to the hard drive crash also. Then they told me it was unrecoverable. Then, I contacted a company who said for a mere $700 smackaroos they could pull everything off. The cost of my girls childhood memories . . . priceless!

  4. I can hermit for three days max--after that, I figure that the kiddos might like to see the world, or at least the inside of Target! I've got Halloween fever already too! Bean is cutecutecute!

  5. My dearest Megan
    Cloudy or sunny
    Writers block or none
    You're always so funny

    Writin bout nothin
    You do with such ease
    If you ever stopped bloggin
    I'd be down on my knees

    Ok, that sounds desperate
    But your writing is bliss
    It's one of my "dailies"
    I don't wanna miss!

  6. You know I love fall, woo hoo! :) Once upon a time my computer crashed and I thought I lost all the pictures from Riley's first year. Thankfully I managed to recover them but I cried for DAYS AND DAYS before I did. As soon as I got that computer running again I copied every photo to disc twice.

  7. What a cutie-patootie! Never fear, dear Megan...the writer's block? It is a catchin...I'm right in the middle of a writer's jam at the moment...I KNOW I've got something, I just can't think of it. Sigh...

  8. You aren't the only one that doesn't go anywhere. I feel the same way a lot. Can't wait to see Bean this Halloween. Coffee?? Did you say coffee? Can't wait! May not be a bad idea, right this minute.

  9. Roses are Red,
    Violets are Violet,
    Your mad poetry skillz
    Have left me quite silent.

    Your gentle encouraging
    Pats on the back
    Make me pounce at my keyboard
    And clickity clack.

    For you, my sweet friend,
    I would write until nightfall
    To elicit your comments
    So kind and insightful.

    And to all my dear readers
    So loyal and true
    I hope you're all smiling
    And know I ♥ you.

    Next week I do hope
    I can write something funny
    A story 'bout Bean
    Or my sweet Honey Bunny.

    So please tune in next week
    Rose/Violet and crew
    For blogging would stink
    If it weren't for YOU.

  10. She is the most adorable child! And do I detect a mischevious look in her eyes or what? Give her a hug and kiss those cheeks for all of us out in blog land!
    Also - you are more talented at writing about nothing than most of us are when writing about something! So - keep it up!!

  11. I know what you mean about fall. Do you suppose it's because we were all conditioned by beginning school each fall for 13+ years? Before that, when we were all living by the farming rhythm, it was the harvest, the busiest time of the year, so I suppose it's been in the ancestral memory for generations....

    What an adorable little "creature," no matter how she's costumed!


  12. Halloween!! I sew for Halloween, the most fantastic costumes, but really, this is about YOU! We do that hermit hide thing sometimes, too. It does save gas, after all... Then when we get out and going again, it's culture shock.

  13. When we only had one car, David would take it to work (30 miles one way), and I was stuck at home. Sometimes, I wouldn't get out all week. Most of the time it didn't bother me. I was sacrificing to win! Some days it made me feel poor. Anyway, the very day after we got a second car, I drove the kids to the mall to play in their play area and eat at the food court. FREEDOM!!!

  14. What a wonderful poem and I suppose you wrote it effortlessly, as you do everything else. Keep up the good work. Put yourself out there if only for blog fodder. Love, CF

  15. Oh.My.Word. She is A-DOR-ABLE!!! Bean does look like my munchkin! And I see those beautiful curls peekin out of that costume!!

  16. i don't know what i like better... the post itself, or the poem in the middle of the comments! LOL!!!!

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