Friday, July 27, 2007


Writing about food actually BURNS calories, y'all.

Next Tuesday, July 31st, I'm hosting a blog carnival. It's my first ever! Come join the fun and write about special memories you've made over meals. (Bean and I made a new one and reflected on another yesterday!)

For more information about the carnival and some additional blather, click the button above. And if you'd like a button so you can tell your readers about the carnival, leave me your email in a comment. Or you can do a screen grab. Whatever! Just spread the word so we can have PURLENTY of good food stories upon which to gorge ourselves come Tuesday.

Y'all come on and write with me. And stay for dinner!


  1. You won the free blog design! From Everyday Mommy! She's the BEST. I'm so excited for you!

  2. I will do my DARNDEST to be involved with the carnival. Do we have to buy tickets for the rides, or is it a one-time entrance fee? ;0)

    I love to write about count me in!! (Like Flynn)

    Oh, and I am free on Saturday to drag race you. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. You will feel the wrath of Max the Metro!!

  3. Oh, and YOU won the free design?!? Wowza!! Now I am really gonna whoop you in that drag race.

    *emanates jealousy*

  4. MEGAN! You won the blog design?!?!?

    HOLY MOSES, mama! I am thrilled for you!!!!!!!!! You will love working with Jules. She rocks.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday!