Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WFMW - No More Bedhead!

Due to the fact that I'll be turning 40 in a few short months, I'm fighting tooth and nail to hold on to my youth somehow. So, I've grown my hair down past my shoulders and I wear it all smoothed out and straight like I think I'm some chic young hipster Jennifer Anniston wanna-be. Only problem is I really don't possess anywhere near the colossal chunk of daylight it takes to wash, goop up, dry, straighten and otherwise preen such labor-intensive locks (and frankly, my arms get tuckered out from being stuck up in the air so long), so I'm always looking for a way to cut down on the drudgery of maintaining my age-inappropriate do. The Ultimate Destroyer of The Do is SLEEP (which happens to be a vital ingredient in my survival and that of my family). After a night's shuteye, I generally awake with my hair alternatingly plastered down to my head and lumped up like a haystack. And the haystacks are never where they'd look like funky features of a really hip style - they're thrown in at random and make me look as if I have some little rodents nesting up there. The contrasting smooshed-down parts are just as attractive. Since I will never be caught dead in a HAIRNET (but I'll still love you if you would like to wear one!) I've found a simple way to avoid all this chaos and preserve smoothness and a little body overnight... I just pull all of my hair, except my new bangs, up to nearly the top of my head, and I secure it up there in a ponytail using one of my 1990's-style soft fabric scrunchies. Up to prevent flattening, secure to prevent bumps, and in a loose, hair-friendly hair doo-dad so I don't have breakage, ripples, snarls or a massive headache when I wake up. In the morning, I can usually just pull out the scrunchy, brush and go. Keeps me from having to wash my hair every day, which my hairdresser (and my hair!) loves. Also, according to my husband, makes me look like a cute little co-ed just in time for bedtime. Everyone's happy... Works for me! And if you have hair that's long enough to stick up on the top of your head, it'll work for you, too.

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  1. I have tried this but even using a scrunchie my hair ends up picking up some curves from being wrapped up. I still have to use the straightening iron in the morning. :(

    Instead I leave it loose overnight and tame it in the morning with a little Sunsilk Straighten Up 24/7 Creme.

  2. Have you thought about letting your hair dry on its own with a little gel or cream or whatever? Why tame it at all?

  3. First of all - I think your display picture is just darling!! Love the do - so hip chick mama! Secondly - are these scrunchies you actually have left from the mid-90s or have you been able to find them in stores recently?

    And hey - I can show you an easy way to keep your RAK post as the first post on your front page. Email me at SortaCrunchy at gmail dot com! ;)

  4. I've been doing this very same thing sent high school.My hair tangled very easily it totally prevent tangling.

    They still sell scrunchie Wal-Mart or Target both carry them.

  5. Great tip. Another thing that supposedly helps with this is if you use a silk pillowcase. My mom swears by it.

  6. Did you use your daughter's picture for your profile? :0) You don't look 40.

    With or without the 90's 'do. You go!