Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Raisin' a Kid is Back Bwokin' Work

Hiya! I'm hosting a little writing carnival next week. Go read about Meals Make Memories and join me in writing about your most cherished food-related memories on Tuesday July 31st.

Overheard at my house between lunchtime and naptime:

Mama: C'mon Bean let's go upstairs and read a book and take a nap.

Bean: But I gotta take my baby! I gotta git my baby!

Mama: Okay, get her and come with me. It's naptime.

Bean: Okay, Mama. (I love those words. They 're soooo rare.) (Goes to get her doll. And returns carrying her. We start up the stairs.)

(And we make it to the second stair before...)

Bean: UNH! My back is getting weady to BWOKE fum carrying dis BABY! She's tooooo heavy fer me.

Mama: Wow, that heavy, huh?

Bean: YOU carry her Mama. She wone hurt YOUR back. Here y'go baby. You go wiss my Mama. (Hands me the baby doll.)

I knew I'd end up raising that baby myself. Sigh.


  1. hee hee hee - that is precious!

    I am confident she didn't hear any of that from you!

  2. It's bad when you are helping with "grandchildren" when your child is only 3! Thanks for the word on works for me wednesday - I was waiting for her to put up Mr Linky!

  3. Ha, that is so funny! She is just so adorable.

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  5. She is the cutest! Maybe if you got her one of those super-expensive baby wraps it wouldn't "bwoke her back."

    I love a hands-on Maw-Maw!

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  7. Your 'Bean-entries' are the BEST!! You are going to love reading back over these when Bean is older.