Sunday, July 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - Look Ma, No Meat!

While we are on the subject of food, allow me to invite your lovely self to join me for my first-ever writing carnival, in which we will write about one of my favorite topics... yes, food! Click on the Meals Make Memories button up there to read the details and then throw together (it's the last minute now so you'll have to make do with what you've got in the pantry!) a post about a special edible memory.

Last week had its moments. The Lemon Chicken Schnitzel and Roasted Potatoes turned out quite tastily, but my deepest fears about the Fantastic Fish Pie were confirmed. Actually pretty much everything about the dish WAS fantastic, excepting the fish, which I would describe as having the texture of the dryer lint produced by laundering an entire load of wool socks, with the flavor being like unto that of those same wool socks prior to the laundering process, but subsequent to having been worn by the local highschool football team for practice the entire month of July. It's a good recipe - sorta like if shepherd's pie, clam chowder and festering sock fuzz had a baby. If I ever decide to try it again, I'll leave out the globs of woolen lint and put in some shrimp and scallops.

If you don't count shrimp as meat, we are going 100% meat-free this week! Check out the Mama cookin' up the veggies at FriedOkra Manor!

Lentil Stew
Potato Pancakes
Fried Cabbage

Farmers’ Market Surprise

Blackeyed Peas & Rice

(Down South we call this combination Hoppin' John. You put the peas on top of the rice and then smother the pile with chopped onions and hot tomato salsa. It's slap-yo'-Mama good.)

Collard Greens
Corn Bread
(which we will discuss at a later date)

Grilled Shrimp


Pizza Margarita
S'mores by the fire

And that takes us up to Saturday, the day upon which we shall receive our two lovely "Big Kids," Bean's Sissy and Buddy, my step-children. And then all Menu Heck breaks loose.

Menu Plan Mondays are hosted by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie!


  1. Very creative! corn bread sounds good, might have to work that in next week. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Sounds fantastic - especially tonight's meal. Right up my alley!

    Have a great week!

  3. How does Al like going meatless? It took me awhile to convince Kent that it's good for him. Now I think he just pretends he likes it that way, haha.

  4. Love the menu. ;) We try to do a few meatless meals each week. They usually turn out to be our favorites, too. Thanks for your ideas!

  5. Happy Monday!
    Your menu looks delicious!
    My Life as Annie!

  6. what a wonderful meal plan!! Have a great week.

  7. Sounds so yummy, Megan!

    I can't wait to hear how this week turns out. (But who can go wrong with Hoppin John, greens, and cornbread? Can we come over? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?)

  8. Great menu, everything looks wonderful.


  9. Looks good this week! I'm trolling for next week's MPM. I love me some fried okra!!