Saturday, July 28, 2007

... Just Don't Forget to Call Me for Supper!

And don't forget to write up your post for the Meals Make Memories carnival I'll be hosting this coming Tuesday, July 31st.

I've got mine almost finished and as a SPECIAL BONUS for all four seven of my lovely readers, my MMM story marks the first in a trilogy or quadrology (made that one up, you likey?) of posts chronicling the genesis of the Alandmegan partnership. (Yes, I am serious. Stop looking at me like that.) (STOP IT.)

I'm going the George Lucas route and putting the finale to this riveting tale at the beginning. Because if I didn't give away the ending at the beginning and put you out of your suspense-ridden misery, all seven of you would surely remain glued to your computer screens for the full three-to-four days, forgoing food, drink, sleep and personal hygiene just to be sure you're there to click the refresh button the very second I post each additional episode, rendering you criminally useless and well, quite frankly, offensive to your families and I simply cannot take on that kind of liability. So you will (or will not, as the case may certainly be) read the conclusion first and be left to plod sleepily through the circumstances that lead up to the ultimate meal related memory of my lifetime... indeed even without the food it would have found itself among the tippy top moments in Meganistory.

The kitchen timer is counting down the minutes quickly, so get busy writing your story now. You don't want to have to serve it up under-done, do ya? And be sure to spread the word, too, after all what good's a potluck without a table jam-packed with friendly faces and enough delectable food to feed an army?


  1. In the list of things to forgo, sleep and personal hygiene are always my first choices. :)

    But I promise to wash before servin' up my foodie memories.

  2. Can't wait to read!
    Hey, congratulations on winning Everyday Mommy's giveaway! So excited for you!