Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here Comes the Sun, Doot'n Doo Doo

So. I've been awake since four thirty this morning thanks to Mr. Brown who was Boom-Boom- Boom! making thunder before dawn. The Bean woke up crying her little blue-green eyes out and my night's slumber was, as they say, toast. By just before lunchtime, I'd run through my normal litany of rainy day fun, which included but was not limited to repetetively squirting a quarter-sized blob of Play-Doh™, and a few strands of my own hair that at one point were still attached to my scalp, through a green and purple molded plastic combine for 25 minutes with a sleepy, grumpy two-and-a-half year old screeching, Want MY TRY!!! AAAAAAAWWWWW I can't do iiiiiit!!!! YOU do iiiiiiiit!!! Now it's my turn!!! No I can't do it!!! Mamaaaaa! SHARE with meeeee! and so on. By ten, I'd had enough of these walls and after not-inconsquential amounts of whining, dawdling, lollygagging and wandering around in circles (oh, and Bean was no picnic, either), we were both dressed and on our way out the door to brave torrential downpours for a trip to the library and the ittybitty grocery store on the corner that perpetually smells like a ham-gone-two-months-too-far-past-its- sell-by-date. Those errands completed, we returned to FriedOkra manor in time for me to make lunch and Bean to scatter library books, DVDs, rainboots, raincoats and various articles of damp clothing to the four corners of our home. My heart sunk as we finished up lunch and I glanced at the clock to stare another 45 minutes looming before naptime. Sigh. What to DO? After pondering my options and noting two dangerously ripe bananas in the fruit bowl, I decided we'd perpetrate a simple (irony!) cooking project together.

So we made my Grandmama's Fruit Freeze. Grandmama used to make this wholesome, delicious, refreshingly citrus-y little frozen dessert snack for my sister and me and our two cousins when we'd all descend upon her of a summer weekend. It was truly sunshine in a bowl! I'd never made it myself before today because we've not been able to locate a recipe for it that sounded exactly the way I recalled it, (honestly I think Grandmama must have made it up based on what she had in the pantry. She was wont to do that from time to time and believe you me, not every time resulted in sunshine in a bowl) but today I just decided I'd improvise from memory and see how it turned out. And it turned out EXACTLY as I remembered it! And it's easy and fast.

Here's how we did it.

Grandmama C's Fruit Freeze

1 12 oz. can frozen orange juice concentrate (make sure it's 100% juice, no added sugar), allowed to thaw and soften slightly
2 20 oz. cans pineapple chunks, drained
2 large ripe bananas
Juice and zest of one lime (or a lemon if you prefer that flavor)

Place all ingredients in large food processor and process on high until smooth. Spoon or pour mixture into plastic dessert cups (I am happy to report that I have the actual same Tupperware™ fluted plastic cups Grandmama used to make our Fruit Freeze twenty-odd years ago) or frozen pop molds (insert sticks according to directions). Freeze overnight. Place dessert cup portions (slightly thawed for removal) in pretty bowls. Just before serving, pour 1/2 cup cold gingerale over Fruit Freeze. If you make the pops, you can skip the gingerale part as that would be sorta tricky! It makes just under 10 4 oz. servings of fruity frozen goodness.

We had a fun time making it and I'm pleased to say that after a cursory search I have seen no puree'd sunshine on the ceiling. I let Bean dump all the ingredients into the processor and then I actually controlled the pureeing process. She helped me spoon the puree into the cups (and she did a pretty good job! I made more of a mess than she did) and put on the lids. I let her taste some of her creation but hmm... I'm not sure if she liked it or not. What do y'all think?

Yeah, maybe a little.


  1. PRECIOUS! What a darling shot of Bean! And that sounds absolutely divine. Must get some of those tupperware dessert containers as I can only imagine the possibilities one could use them for.

    What a delightful recipe. It seems like we always have two bananas left in the bowl, threatening to go bad at any minute.

    Sorry ya'll have the rain today. We actually have a spot of sun! Thanks for checking in on D and me. I think we are on the mend!

  2. Sounds delicious. And, I love that picture of Bean - she has great hair!

  3. She's soo adorable. I'm glad you found a way to beat the rain. I WISH it would rain over here and maybe some of this humidity would goooo.

  4. As much as I hate cooking in any form, you have a way of making it sound like fun! And as a side note, I love me some Tupperware!!

  5. That is NOT her real hair...SERIOUSLY?!? Wowza. You must have as much fun as I do with my own head.

    Looks like you won't have to wash that dish- licked clean!

  6. LOVE. THE. HAIR!!!

    Sounds like a great recipe I'll have to try!

  7. That's so cute how you found sunshine on a rainy day!! And those jello molds... those bring back memories. We had the exact same Tupperware molds, but could never figure out a use for them. I may have to go through the bag-o-stuff-mom-wanted-out-of-her-house that is sitting in one of the cabinets in my kitchen. If those molds are in there we're trying your recipe this weekend!