Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kitchen Counter Clutter

From the Things that Made Me Go Hmmmm Files this week:

If you want to smile, smile, smile today, stop by and just take a nice long gander upon Owlhaven's newly updated look created by my personal designer (you know I had to slip that in) Jules from Everyday Mommy. In a few short weeks, Mary will bring her two real daughters home from Ethiopia to join the rest of her sweet family. But even in cartoon form, I swear they look even happier as a family of twelve than they did at ten. Sniffle! I'm so excited to read about the girls' homecoming in only a few short weeks now.

Summer at home with all the kids have you convinced that you are the WORST MOTHER ON THE PLANET? Carrien at She Laughs at the Days admits to her own tired-and-frustrated mother woes in a very candid, thoughtful post about healthy and constructive ways to face and deal with the anger that sometimes accompanies long days at home with small people. Here's a shortish excerpt that hit home with for me:

Listen to their hearts and try to realize how incredible it is that this tiny person thinks the sun rises and sets on you alone and that your attitude will affect theirs, for better or for worse. The pamphlet for toddler care that I would write would read, "When your children are squirmy and unbelievably naughty and you are frustrated and they are driving you nuts, put everything else that you are trying to do in a safe place. Turn off the stove, and the computer, and the phone, and sit with them on the living room floor. Build pillow forts, give hugs and kisses, tickle, and take deep slow breaths. Find the joy of being a mother again on the rug as you are fully present with your children. You'll feel better, even if the rest of your work is not yet done."

Lastly but not leastly, the refreshing T of T with Honey (that must be one of the cutest names in all of blogdom, by the way!) shares her story about the worry and pain she dealt with when her maternity leave ended and she needed to find the PERFECT day-care situation for her baby Princess. By trusting God to guide her search efforts, T found exactly what she and her daughter needed. Amen!


I have a major character flaw. I leave people hanging. I'm a failure of a follower-upper. Don't enjoy the debrief. Take a pass on the post-mort. I usually completed my corporately-mandated quarterly and annual self-assessments (before I "retired" to become a Mama) approximately .467 seconds before the next one was due, and that was with no small amount of hounding from my employer. When I'm done with something, I'm done.

Which brings me to my point. Did you think I was ever gonna get there? I didn't either.

I believe we have a few loose ends to tie up.

1 - A HUGE thank you to all of the lovely ladies who bid on the Blanket Auction to benefit Teagan. I will soon be sending her parents a check for $150 and cranking up the Kenmore to churn out three lovely lovies for my FIRLS (Friends in Real Life) Christy, Julie and Carole, none of which are bloggers, but all of which are still darn fine people, let me assure you. And so cute, too! I'm excited we all got to work together to raise funds to help a family in need, and I plan to do something similar again very soon, maybe this time in the form of a raffle. Oh, and I'll post pictures of the three blankets I've created for the auction winners, too.

2 - On a sadder note, we never did find the lost ring. I figure it's sittin' on a local commuter train somewhere between here and Chicago, just ridin' along, twiddlin' its little ring thumbs, thinkin', Man, I don't know where we're going but sure seems like we'd a' been there by now. So we have duly replaced it with a similar band. It took three trips back to Seattle via FedEx® for them to get the new ring tight enough to satisfy me. Puppy ain't goin' NOWHERE this time!

And that is all. We're headed out the door to our diner home-away-from-home for Bean's favorite pam-pakes and shausage!


  1. Before I head off the check out those other link I had to say "Thanks!". I'm blushing.

    And this morning Princess requested eggs and sauchage. I adore toddler speak!

  2. Great links as always, friend! How do you find such good stuf?

  3. A big hooray to you for raising $150 for Teagan. I'm sorry that you never found the ring. I had wondered about it. At least it isn't what holds you two together! Enjoyed your links too.
    PS - we got a few letters from my son today. We still don't have an address to send mail to him till he gets attached to a group. He seems upbeat and says he looks like a "doof" with a shaved head. Thanks for asking about him.

  4. I was out blogger surfing. I first found your blog through OwlHaven. Your excerpt in this post has been sorta what I've realized this week.
    Taking time to build forts, cuz the house always needs cleaning... important to remember.
    Enjoyed reading your blog today