Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't Hate Me Because I'm About to Be Beautiful

OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH!!! I found out this morning that I won a blog design by none other than the Stacy and Clinton ... or Candice Olson... of cyber-makeovers herself, Jules of Everyday Mommy and Everyday Design fame. Me, little old me, who never wins ANYTHING! Miss Standard Template 2007!

Since I recognize what a HUGENORMOUSTROPHIC honor has been bestowed upon me (quite randomly, I might add), and sense a bit unveiled envy amongst my four readers, (it is a shame to have so few - albeit well-loved - readers when I'm on the brink of having the prettiest blog on the block), allow me to assure you that I am not taking my supreme good fortune for granted. I have already tripped all over myself - and several other people - thanking Jules for her generosity in the form of an email written by the guy who cuts my grass. (Because when I found out she'd be creating a new blog design for me, I ran jubilantly out into the front yard squealing in my striped nightgown and promptly fainted dead away. My friendly lawn service representative found me there, thankfully only 25 minutes later, and came inside the house to see if anyone was on hand to take me to the ER, whereupon he saw my laptop open and running on the kitchen counter, read Jules's original email, recognized instantly that an immediate - and gushing - response was absolutely required and sat down to compose such at once. I would still be lying unconscious out in the wet grass were it not for the fact that the lawn people felt it would be best to remove my person to the front porch prior to commencing with the actual mowing.)

I have also, I'm not kidding, thanked God. See, I was just talking to Him about some of my frustrations and fears about this blog last night and the last thing I said to Him before I hung up was, "God, it's all Yours. I said so in that poem I wrote for my first post, and here's my chance to prove it. You just go ahead and do Your thing."

And I'd say He did.

Because to me, winning a design by Jules equals the thumbs-up from God on these, my feeble early blogging efforts. Means He's all good with me keeping it up for now. And that's all I really needed.

So thanks, Jules, for being my bloggity angel. (And that sentiment came directly from me. The man who cuts my grass would never have written something so sappy. Or heartfelt.)


  1. Sheeeesh!! No PRESSURE here!

    And, make that five readers, if you please ;)

  2. Heeeeeeeeee! Megan, you crack me UP! I am just a-gigglin' over here.

    I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I am so happy to know I am not the only one who mentions my blog to God in prayer.

  3. Snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. You're a trip. And Jules, it better not be prettier than the one you're working on for ME! Or from my current one, for that matter. ;-)

  4. That poor lawn guy.. he was probably worried he wouldn't get paid. ;) Yay for winning! I can't wait to see what it looks like.

  5. Does this mean I'm reader #6? Found you through Jules and have been chuckling ever since. She is indeed one of those heaven-sent friends (I have to say that, she's my cousin and she pays me, but I do mean it. Really.) ;)

  6. Hey - you are up to 6 readers if you are counting comments! Congrats on the makeover. Can't wait to see the new look.

  7. Where was I when all this happened! You know if I'd been home, I'd have found you first. Am I number 7?? Congratulations!!! I know how excited you have got to be

  8. That's great! How fun! Just so that you know, you are one of the first blogs I read every day, so that just shows how much I like you and your blog, standard template and all! You might just go to the top of the list with your new custom job!

  9. I said this somewhere else but I seem to be visiting a long time over here tonight so I'll just say it again: I love your new look! And I added you to my blogroll today if that's alright. Okay, bye now. I'm really leaving this time :)